10 WTF Moments of the Day – Aug 01st, 2012

Nice to meet you.., Pandas…, Awful kind of you…, I understand…., go for a walk…, Typed 50 Shades of Grey…, Crazy Eyes…, my rearview mirror…, Why so curious…, wrong room….., Crack Wh*res…1. Hello, nice to meet you..

2. Pandas

3. Awful kind of you, Ms. PACman.

3. The more I watch, the less I understand.

4. Want to go for a walk?

5. Typed 50 Shades of Grey into Google and stumbled across this….

6. Crazy Eyes

7. I was surprised when i looked in my rearview mirror

8. Why so curious?

9. I think I got the wrong room..

10. I heart Crack Wh*res