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10 WTF Moments of the Day – February 27th 2012

Creative Halloween Costume…, Un-be-weave-able…, Never leave your windows down in Africa…, Fairy skeletons riding a dragon fly…, One on the lower right, please…, My meat was feeling a little blue…, gasstation… WTF…, Fat kid in a pool…, Why…, I don’t even… 

1. Creative Halloween Costume?

2. Un-be-weave-able 

3. Never leave your windows down in Africa! 

4. Fairy skeletons riding a dragon fly.

5. I take that one on the lower right, please. 

6. My meat was feeling a little blue…seriously what the hell is this?

7. This guy was in front of me at the gasstation… WTF?!

8. Nothing to see here, just a fat kid in a pool 

 9. why?

 10. I don’t even… 

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