10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 14th, 2012

10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 14th, 2012

Ad agency’s…, World’s shittiest river…, exists…, highway…, the mighty jungle…, Perfect explanation…, Saw This Driving…, Where you going buddy…,  I’m flicking…, On facebook one…1. I think this ad agency’s been reading too much insanity wolf

2. I present to you: World’s shittiest river

3. So this exists.

4. My dad sent me this today from the highway…

5. In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

6. Perfect explanation

7. Saw This Driving, I’m Really Confused.

8. Where you going buddy?

9. I’m flicking through a baby names book, why is this a thing?

10. On facebook one day when I found out that this is now on somebody I know’s body.

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