10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 21th, 2012

10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 21th, 2012

Aurora theatre shooting…, I can’t believe someone…, Weather forecast…, Creepy mannequin…, Sweet costume…, recovering from surgery…, my hand through my hair…, keep your pets indoors…,  health department…,  I smoke…

1. I am one of the 50 wounded in the aurora theatre shooting. here are a few photos of my very lucky but nonethless terrifying brush with death. my thoughts go out to those less fortunate than me.


2. I can’t believe someone at work would do this.


3. Weather forecast for tonight. Seriously, who writes this stuff?


4. I see your creepy mannequin and raise you two creepy mannequins


5. Sweet costume!


6. My little sister is recovering from surgery and I thought a little Photoshop might make her feel better about her new scar.


7. Ran my hand through my hair and this is what happened. Hair splinter. Look closely.


8. Please keep your pets indoors in this heat.


9. Sooo this was in the lobby of my county health department…


10. I shouldn’t open photoshop when I smoke


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