Car bomb

10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 24th, 2012

Car bomb…, Whatcha drawing…, force-fed a bag of di*ks…, garbage pickup…, MRI done…, security…, seahorse…, old Sega Genesis game…, Kitty.kitty.bang.bang…, I’m house sitting…

1. Car bomb

2. ME: “Whatcha drawing?” My husband turns his iPad around to show me this masterpiece.

3. Whoever designed this ad should be force-fed a bag of di*ks

4. Found on the ground today doing garbage pickup…

5. Had an MRI done, and this was my face!

6. Someone tried getting this through security.

7. Saw a seahorse the other day.

8. Trying to find out the name of an old Sega Genesis game I used to play, instead I found this.

9. Kitty.kitty.bang.bang!

10. I’m house sitting for my sister, and poked my head in my 4yo neice’s room

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