10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 27th, 2012

10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 27th, 2012

 Giant Leopard slugs…, Nightclub …, our new house……, skull of a blue whale…., 7-Eleven in Tokyo…, both burn…, roommate’s bed…,  genuine billboard…, very excited…, a gorilla…

1. Saw this two giant Leopard slugs hanging from my balcony copulating, and yeah, this neon-blue things are they s*xual organs. Most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen.

2. Nightclub photos…

3. So, we found this in the basement of our new house…

4. I present to you the skull of a blue whale.

5. I found this in a 7-Eleven in Tokyo this afternoon.

6. we can both burn

7. A friend of mine lives in Grenada and found this on his roommate’s bed…

8. A genuine billboard I saw while on travels through Swaziland. Is the situation THAT bad!?

9. My cousin is very excited…I didn’t quite share her enthusiasm.

10. …who was dressed as a gorilla.

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