Photoshop in Syria

10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 30th, 2012

Photoshop in Syria…, Creepy woman statue …, wildlife photographer…, former employees…, please explain…,  round circles…, Making friends is hard…,  weiner in my mouth…, better late then never…, human tongue….

1. Photoshop in Syria

2. Creepy woman statue in my town, made of various animal parts and halloween props. WTF?

3. wildlife photographer was bitten by a deadly black mamba snake (and survived)

4. I just found this shrine to former employees in a hidden room at my job.

5. Will someone please explain how this is even possible?

6. Two perfectly round circles

7. Making friends is hard

8. Help! I’ve got a weiner in my mouth…

9. Well i guess better late then never to clean my car out.

10. The human tongue under a microscope.

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