10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 4th, 2012

Walmart parking lot…, Cocaine-Induced …,  Don’t think …, pepper spray…, 5 wheeled car…,  giant orange balloon…,  found this…, Don’t like…, Bloody-eyed ghost.., local Big Lots…1. Yes, that is a Walmart parking lot. And yes, that is all bread.

2. Cocaine-Induced Palatal Perforation.

3. Don’t think I’ll be going back in the ocean after that…

4. I dunno what happened before, but I don’t think the person liked the pepper spray..

5. 5 wheeled car parallel parks

6. Sometimes a man just needs to get inside a giant orange balloon.

7. My friend just moved to Texas and found this in her house…

8. Don’t like my comments?

9. Bloody-eyed ghost with ice cream and a cat on a leash in the woods in the dark.

10. So my wife almost walked into this at the local Big Lots..