My neighbor makes stuff like this for a living

10 WTF Moments of the Day – June 04th, 2012

My neighbor …, Insanity…, Stretch out …, Zombie …, creepiest things …, a pilot…, Bieber concert…, Mcdonalds…, Atleast he knows…, manager…

1. My neighbor makes stuff like this for a living

2. Insanity.

3. Stretch out the intestine

4. Zombie Appocalypse Ready !

5. One of the creepiest things I’ve found at Walmart

6. My dad is a pilot

7. Oompa Loompa leaves the chocolate factory, attends Bieber concert

8. umm….Mcdonalds

9. Atleast he knows

10. My manager wanted me to serve this carrot on our salads today. Really.

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