10 WTF Moments of the Day – June 08th, 2012

10 WTF Moments of the Day – June 08th, 2012

Raccoon…, survey…, chemistry…, Sailormoon…, top…, Silly nope…, some o’ dat…, bushes…, while walking…,  cringe…

1. A raccoon that shorted out a 4.6 KV breaker and knocked out 3,500 customers power

2. Just stumbled on this question while taking a survey…

3. Looks like someone failed general chemistry

4. Sailormoon

5. How do you top this.

6. Silly nope, you have no business being as large as a dog.

7. Mmm, let me get some o’ dat.

8. Found this in my bushes, where is a flame thrower when you need one?

9. Found this while walking down the beach today

10. Nothing has made me cringe this hard in a long time

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