Apr 25, 2014

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10 WTF Moments of the Day – June 22th, 2012

Cruise control…, beautiful…, Canadian oil-patch…, Mysterious picture…, Meanwhile in China…, I expect to see…, Terminal velocity groundhog…,  orange juice bottle…, this happens…, Copenhagen today…1. Don’t fail me now, cruise control

2. Your wars were beautiful

3. So, I met this guy at my job in the Canadian oil-patch today.

4. Mysterious picture of a creepy baby we found in our attic…

5. Meanwhile in China…

6. This is exactly what I expect to see while drunk in Key West.

7. Terminal velocity groundhog – found him in this position, as if he had just run really fast into the post and died

8. Reading the back of a orange juice bottle

9. Hate it when this happens..

10. I saw this in Copenhagen today

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