10 WTF Moments of the Day – March 13th 2012

Bat Embryo…, spend time with your cat…, pre-St. Patty’s Day hipster parade…, Headshot IRL…, floor plan of a Jewish hospital…, pic of LaBron James’s bar tab…, guy every weekend…, Can’t think of…, ant carcasses…

1. Bat Embryo. That is all.

2. This is not a good way to spend time with your cat.

3. This guy was at a pre-St. Patty’s Day hipster parade. He won it.

4. Headshot IRL. Line drive from a tee’d off golf ball. 

5. Fell asleep one eye one…WTF

6. The floor plan of a Jewish owned hospital

7. A waiter took a pic of LaBron James’s bar tab in Vegas.

8. I see this guy every weekend at work

9. Can’t think of a title even slightly.

10. Assassin bug nymph with ant carcasses on its back.