10 WTF Moments of the Day – March 15th 2012

Found this today at work…, Snoop Dogg…, Google Street View…, Okay…, HDTV For both…, moist…, no longer a virgin…, Critical hit!…, book owners smile…, What is this??

1. Found this today at work…

2. Love for Snoop Dogg

3. Just clicking about randomly on Google Street View, when suddenly…

4. Uhhh. Okay.

5. HDTV For both men and women.

6. I too am moist

7. Look mom I`m no longer a virgin, WOOOOT

8. Critical hit!

9. Just a book owners smile…

10. What is this??

One thought on “10 WTF Moments of the Day – March 15th 2012”

  1. The last one is deff an upside down deer butthole, tail being the goatee … Where was this found? Why mount & decorate something’s poop chute on the wall?

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