10 WTF Moments of the Day – March 23rd 2012

Scary Tortoise…, horse’s intestine…, outside a school…, punk rock music…, Nigger-Brown…, i cant justify this…, Snail Hitler…, Walmart…, unusual carry-ons…, Bison on a cow…

1. Scary Tortoise

2. Came out of a horse’s intestine.

 3. At outside a school 

  4. Japanese punk rock music videos

 5. “Nigger-Brown” Shorts…really ?

  6. No matter how hard i try, i cant justify this.

  7. Snail Hitler 

  8. At parking lot of a Walmart

9. A guys was trying to board a plane in Morocco to Switzerland with some unusual carry-ons

  10. Bison on a cow on rainbow road

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