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10 WTF Moments of the Day – March 31st 2012

 Michael Jackson shrine WTF…, absolutely not going to kill anyone…, little TOO excited…,  F**k the Police…, Freshman these days…, Livin’ the dream…, Panda-napper…, pay attention to me…, Thanks for not aborting me…

1. These two come into China Buffet everyday and set up a Michael Jackson shrine WTF

2. He’s absolutely not going to kill anyone.


3. Someone was a little TOO excited about this lesson.

4. F**k the Police

5. Freshman these days…

6. Livin’ the dream

7. Panda-napper

8. Somebody pay attention to me!

9. Thanks for not aborting me

10. Buy one pizza and it will last you forever

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