Apr 21, 2014

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10 WTF Moments of the Day – March 9th 2012

mostly for good…,  WTF is this, Dell? , One, Two, Three…, There there…, cable bill…, cap back on the vegetable oil…, australian housemate sent…, FOOT-WIDE moth…, Don’t rape…, Dental lab looks legit…

1. I cant imagine this being used mostly for good

2. I work for a university and was pricing out a server. WTF is this, Dell?

3. One, Two, Three…wait, wut?

4. There there 

5. I guess this is why my dad insists on handling the cable bill…

6. Someone forgot to put the cap back on the vegetable oil and 4 mice climbed in…

7. My australian housemate sent this onto me. nope

8.FOOT-WIDE moth found in the Himalayas 

9. Don’t rape

10. Dental lab looks legit

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