This just in: Rupert Murdoch's hands are 100% fucking creepy.

10 WTF Moments of the Day – May 02st, 2012

100% f*cking creepy…, Just in case…, skeletons in my closet…, The original creepy dentist mascot…, running for president in 2012…,  a metallic cocoon…, Imagine this was your head…,  No skin…, The Dutch crown prince tossing a toilet bowl…, Cannot compute Energy…

1. This just in: Rupert Murdoch’s hands are 100% f*cking creepy.

2. Just in case!

3. WTF there really are skeletons in my closet…

4. The original creepy dentist mascot

5. Look who I met today. He told me he’s running for president in 2012.

6. Okay, what kind of insect makes a metallic cocoon?

7. Imagine this was your head.

8. I’ve got no skin!

9. The Dutch crown prince tossing a toilet bowl during the celebration of his mothers (the Queens) birthday.

10. Cannot compute Energy

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