10 WTF Moments of the Day – May 03rd, 2012

Cutest Zombie Baby…, I just use Nutella…, first thing i saw…, a lemon…, FBI’s most wanted…, Studying for finals…, lots of catfish…, excused from life…, How to quit smoking…, Jewolverine…

1. Cutest Zombie Baby Ever

2. When I run out of make-up I just use Nutella.

3. Opened up my cities newspaper this morning and this was the first thing i saw

4. This is a lemon.

5. FBI’s most wanted bitches!

6. Studying for finals…

7. Catfish. Lots and lots of catfish.

8. She needs to be excused from life…

9. How to quit smoking

10. Jewolverine

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