This is what I get for going to an art school....

10 WTF Moments of the Day – May 08th, 2012

An Art School…, Florida…, children…, A Box Of Cornpops…, Nowhere…,  iced tea…, babies are creepy as f*ck…, It’s adorable…, Cardinal…, my chocolate muffin…

1. This is what I get for going to an art school….

2. Florida is a special place to be.

3. Are my children playing with what??

4. This Was On A Box Of Cornpops

5. Nowhere is safe from…

6. Went to get some iced tea from the local gas was closed

7. TIL babies are creepy as f*ck

8. It’s adorable…

9. Bald Cardinal

10. I was about to enjoy the rest of my chocolate muffin, when…

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