My friend bought this painting in Venice..

10 WTF Moments of the Day – May 30th, 2012

Painting in Venice…, Life will find a way…, edge of sentience…, guy…,  caterpillar…,  suspension…, In soviet Russia…, A grocery store…, Wrestle in the house…, Flattering ensemble…

1. My friend bought this painting in Venice..

2. Life will find a way.

3. Found this in my closet. I think it’s on the edge of sentience.

4. Saw this guy on my way to lunch

5. A venomous caterpillar

6. 100X the suspension. Exactly the same amount of clearance.

7. In soviet Russia, bitch gonna pay

8. So my roommate just brought this from a grocery store.

9. Wrestle in the house, they said… Its safe, they said….

10. Quite the flattering ensemble…

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