12 Best Adrenaline Pictures of the Week – July 12th to July 18th, 2013

Check out the adrenaline porn which is my most favorite post of the week………

1. Stormy Sunset in the Mountains [1920x1080]


3. Backflip in a Washigton state waterfall [1000x1333]

4. 140 HP Turbo UTV riding near Jasper, Alberta, Canada. [OC] [2448x1836]

5. Valentino Rossi backing it in [1000x643][OS]

6. Getting a little excitable in Tignes. [OC][720x540]

7. San Fermin festival in Pamplona [3500x2333]

8. Learning to fly a Kite, Baltic Sea, Germany [3826 × 2870]

9. Flying the Matukituki NZ [1024x768]

10. Puffy surfing with a flock, Jumptown, Orange, MA; 4 July 2013; [1678x2518] [OC] [OS]

11. Hangin’ by a thread [1920x1080]

12. Hitching a ride with a moto taxi through the Racinho Favela in Brazil [2554X1916] [OC]

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