12 Careless Fashion Hairstyle, Which is Worth a try in 2015

Forget for a moment about the accuracy, hair to hair, hairstyles. Many of the stars at the end of this year, deliberately seeking to shaggy and disheveled hair, making hair style unfolded in real trend.Interested? Then these 12 simple and spectacular hairstyle for you! Also see our popular post, how to cut your own hair?

Taylor Swift

Taylor owes a pop slightly disheveled and curly hairstyle in the style of Bob. Good and versatile solution for short and fine hair.

1 (1)

But Taylor is the same, only with elongated, as if by magic hair. A rastrёpannost and volume have not gone away.

2 (1)

Langley Fox

Illustrator, model, and a descendant of the famous writer Hemingway always looks stylish and makes a name for himself with his hands. And her red hair uncombed ever fully justify the name.


Lily Allen

Black and wild hair Allen, laid on its side and with ragged ends – it’s rock ‘n’ roll in its purest form.


Freja Beha Erichsen

Model Freja Erichsen in an interview, admitted that she loves to cut his hair. True then asked the stylist to fix it.


Kim Kardashian

Known slightly careless hairstyle Kim can not boast of a perfect long (there’s a little cut, or it’s time to grow), but comprehensive Kardashian popularity extends even to the haircut – Star fans just love to do something with her hair like that.


Alexa Chung

Alex – our hero. She really knows how to make a hairstyle popular and unique feature of its image.


More careless fashion hairstyle

For long hair


In the best tradition of supermodels


Option from Vogue


A shorter haircut and volumetric


In retro style – welcome to 1970!



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