12 Informative Unusual Facts

1. When Louis Pasteur and his colleagues developed a vaccine against rabies, there was an agreement between them: if one of the researchers infected, he should have been shot in the head to kill (even if he would have been people infected Pasteur).

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2. One 13-year-old Norwegian boy returning home from school when he saw four wolves, which are clearly intended to attack him. The guy managed to drive away animals, including on his mobile phone song American thrash metal band Megadeth.

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3. Only 8% of the world’s currencies are physical money. Rest exists only in computers.

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4. In 2006, one employee of Coca-Cola from their bosses stole soda recipe and tried to sell it to Pepsi. There are not only rejected the proposal, but called in the FBI and warned management of Coca-Cola.

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5. In the professional shooting alcohol considered doping can improve the results as drinking, shooter reduces stress, the rhythm of his heart slows, and it gives a better aim.

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6. Among Nescafe before seal packaging of instant coffee, it was added a small amount of coffee flavor. This explains the aroma of “fresh coffee” when you first print out a new jar.

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7. In 1989, a wealthy businessman William Sokolin did, according to his ideas, perfect capital investment: bought a bottle of “Chateau Margaux” in 1787, belonged to Thomas Jefferson for 519,750 dollars. He decided to boast a vintage purchase at the reception, but accidentally broke the fragile bottle, striking her on the metal serving table. Precious content of the moment appeared on the floor.

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8. Meditation in just eight weeks can change the structure of the brain, including an increase of the part of the gray matter, which is responsible for the ability to learn.

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9. If Bill Gates donate to charity 98 percent of his fortune, it will still be a billionaire.

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10. All sold to civilians GPS-navigators are programmed to self-deactivated if the speed exceeds 1200 miles per hour (about 1931 km / h). This is done to ensure that navigators could not be used to control intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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11. Although the Serbian language and belongs to the Slavic languages, the DNA of its carriers has more in common with Scottish Celtic DNA than DNA Slavs. That is, these people are genetically closer to the Irish and the British than to the Russian and Croats.

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12. Today, we “consume” about 100 000 words a day from all sorts of media. Compared with 1980, when measured in bytes, is an increase of 350%.

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