12 New Ways to get fit this year apart from Yoga

Many of us have decided to start this year with taking care of yourself, let alone the desire to begin to engage in sports in general leader of the New Year holidays. So not only we, as around the world. Therefore, a good old fitness trainers or newfangled Callanetics are not limited to, creating more and more strange courses and training. In recent years become fashionable these 12 ways to get in shape. Get ready, some of them will surprise you for sure.


1. Dance like a queen

These workouts are a hair’s breadth repeat concerts Beyonce – under the fiery Spanish music of our day to conduct enhanced cardio mix of bouncy dance moves and requests than you can shake all, do not hesitate.


2. Yoga on the water

First, you have to sail on a surfboard far out to sea or ocean, and then to look for nirvana and balance confidence. Just imagine it’s an unforgettable feeling – around tons of water, and you are meditating in a soothing atmosphere, rocking on the waves of the cries of the seagulls.Said to be very soothing.


3. pedalo

Without going too far from the topic of water, if yoga is not yours, you can try such a wonderful bike. And consider the nature and pump up the legs.


4. Military training

This is not a bar after work, this – the whole camp Home Boot Camp, which can not be complacent. Intensive training then combined with the ascetic way of life and almost the realities of war. Will not be easy, but in the form of people they lead to one-two-three.


5. SoulCycle

Classic American fitness programs – a large room with a bunch of bikes, where sharply turning off the lights and make you drive in an unknown direction. Alive to get off this bike will not work – in front of everyone has a special board with your speed. And if the speed back to normal nedotyagivaet, the coach will not mince words. His goal – to you to bring your body in shape as quickly as possible. Everything else – it does not matter.


6. CrossFit

Again, not just a set of physical exercises, and, according to its creators, the whole philosophy.The program includes a lot of different exercises for all muscle groups, and they say, incredibly effective. Has recently become very popular in Russia and appears in all major cities.


7. Akvaspinning

Good old bike, ride complexity which increased at times with cold water from the pool – it’s not for the faint of heart.


8. Jump Rope

No, not the rope remained a child, it’s still a great cardio.


9. Ripsurfer X

In this exercise, there is something of yoga on the waves, but with such a board even in the sea do not have to swim out. Special device simulates the motion of the waves, and during special exercises you have to be tense as not to lose balance and fall.


10. Alternative yoga

Candlelight Flow – it’s relaxing and soothing workout for too emotional and sad. Her love psychologists to prescribe and advise those who can not feel relaxed and happy. By the light of candles and matches the music you imitate a burning candle, fire dancing and stuff, stuff.All of this – a good substitute yoga and one of the ways to cope with their emotions.


11. Pure Barre

Intensive training for the whole body combines elements of ballet, yoga, pilates and cardio.Such a mixture, you certainly will feel on your feet, yes, indeed, throughout the body.


12. antigravity yoga

There is in it something of a circus trapeze artists. Newfangled kind of yoga in the air makes the body graceful, and you – a quiet and peaceful.

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