12 Shocking but Meaningful Socks

Socks are very essential part of our life, in fact our personality is related with the socks as we wear them casually, formally, occasionally and even according to our will. But wearing same type is bit of boring so the designers felt to implement fashion here too. And so the birth of modern socks is started.

1.Tattoo Socks –

These black tattooed socks are asymmetric means only one leg socks has design and the other is plain. This increases the attraction of others and improves your status.

Tattoo Socks
2. Heat Socks –

These costly socks will keep your feet warm even in the coldest places. It’s price is $264.

Heat Socks
3. Nike SB Pigeon Socks –

This Nike product is launched on the 10th anniversary of the staple design.

Nike SB Pigeon Socks
4. Super Mario Socks –

This $11.99 priced socks are like gifts for the Mario lovers.

Super Mario Socks
5. Sock Guy Kegger

Breaking the traditions and bringing some freshness is what the socks designers want to interpret. They must be a beer lover.

Sock Guy Kegger
6. Anatomically Socks –

I think this is the most weird discovery in the field of socks ever made.

Anatomically Socks
7. Spock Socks –

Yes, here it is. The “Star Trek” inspired socks.

Spock Socks
8. Zip It Passport Socks –

Now don’t fear of the thieves while travelling abroad because the passport saver is here.

Zip It Passport Socks
9. Bunion Control Socks –

Now you don’t have to find that which one is for left and which is for right since the information is engraved on them.

Bunion Control Socks10. Meat and Intestines Socks –

If you love meat and flesh then you should go for it.

Meat and Intestines Socks11. Circuit Board Socks –

Technology geeks really appreciate this design.

Circuit Board Socks12. Boot Knife Socks –

Just to show your dominance to others you can wear these socks with shorts. The whole world will understand about your guts.

Boot Knife Socks

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