12 most unfortunate images presented on the red carpet

When Hollywood celebrities appear on the red carpet, all being watched with great attention. All interested in what this time there was their idol. A priori, all expect perfect shape and immaculate appearance, and when the celestials wrong by making the wrong choice, they lend themselves to ruthless criticism.

Star of the review, not the first time appear on the red carpet in the glory around the world. Most of them are perceived as stylish and fashionable thanks to the work of designers, and when they shocked the audience gaudy outfits, in return receive a barrage of criticism.

12. Sandra Bullock – the ceremony “Golden Globe” in 2014


Before Sandra Bullock appeared in a colorful dress at the ceremony “Golden Globe” in 2014, think about it as a stylish and a good sense of fashion trends of the individual. Despite many years of hard work on his images of stars, dress in black, pink and blue colors of the designer Prabal Gurung undermined all and deprived Bullock crown style icons. 49-year-old star is nominated for “Best Actress” for her role in the film “Gravity” in a dress that is not emphasized perfect star shape, and baby pink and blue colors it does not decorated.

11. Gwyneth Paltrow – the ceremony “Oscar” in 2002


Gwyneth Paltrow In most eligible wardrobe of stylish and fashionable things, but as far as the appearance on the red carpet and in everyday life, the actress has demonstrated many times imperfect images. In 2002, she appeared at the ceremony of “Oscar”, dressed in a black dress by Alexander McQueen in the Gothic style. The actress also was without a bra that was not only immodest, but tasteless.

10. Kim Kardashian – the ceremony LACMA Art and Film Gala 2014


Kim Kardashian chose for the ceremony LACMA Art and Film Gala in 2014 satin dress color electric blue, which is clearly the size it was great that spoil her figure. But despite the voluminous top, on the hips dress was too narrow and asymmetric cuts in front creating the illusion that the dress twisted. This image is not only caused a storm of negative publicity, but also caused the rumors of her pregnancy. Beautiful hair and makeup “smoky eyes” slightly saved hopeless situation that can not be said about the tight necklace around the neck of the actress.

9. Jennifer Lopez – the ceremony dedicated to the film “American Idol XIV»


Mixed feelings were those who saw the image of Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet in December 2014. The event dedicated to the film “American Idol XIV» actress appeared in the top of the Belgian designer Cedric Charlier, skirt from Thomas Wilde and high metallic sandals Clementine style gladiator Sofia Webster. If on top of the image of the actress, shimmering top and leather skirt, spoke as a sexually attractive, something about this shoe will not tell. They contrasted with the horrible way. One had the feeling that Jennifer them uncomfortable.

8. Charlize Theron – 82nd ceremony “Oscar” in 2010


When Madonna wore a bra with conical cups, all thought that more is no repeat, but in 2010, at the opening ceremony of “Oscar” actress Charlize Theron appeared in a lavender dress by Christian Dior with eye-catching pink bodice, which does not leave anyone indifferent . Few can blame the brand in the absence of taste, but this error designers does not paint his reputation. Dress badly looked at both the front and back.

7. Heidi Klum – Awards AMA 2014


In 2014, at the American Music Awards ceremony leggy model Heidi Kim shocked everyone by bold asymmetrical black and pink dress by Versace, making her long legs are even longer. This error is strengthened and pink sandals that did not match the outfit.Shimmering pink stripes on the dress Star gave chic. All were agreed that the style icon and the model had to carefully approach the selection of the ceremony. This time she was wrong!

6. Reese Witherspoon – the ceremony “Golden Globe” in 2012


At the ceremony of “Golden Globe” was a record number of stars, dressed in outfits with trains and corsets. Not original and Reese Witherspoon, who chose a blood red dress, so as not to get lost in the crowd. Dress by designer Zac Posen would be perfect if it were not sitting in the figure baggy and shapeless, especially in the bodice. Given the low growth actress loop not decorated it too and made it even lower. But thanks to smile and flowing hair over her shoulders she just this error.

5. Alyssa Milano – at the premiere of “The farther into the woods” in 2014


The image of Alyssa Milano in which she appeared at the premiere of “The farther into the woods” in 2014, caused only one cry – “not that.” All were shocked not by the dress of dark green color from Dolce and Gabbana, and how awful it was sitting in the figure of the actress. Dress seemed firmly was spanned by the star shape. In discussing the film, many remembered Milano dress that was the only plus in her manner.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones – at the premiere of the movie “Wall Street” in 2010


Everyone always expect full perfection of style icons Catherine Zeta-Jones, known especially during ceremonies. Actress perfect in every way, but black dress by Maggie Norris corrugated inserts and clutch by Judith Leiber looked mediocre on the star at this level.

3. Maria Sharapova – block party Vinity Fair 2012


When Maria Sharapova appeared at a charity party Vinity Fair in 2012 in a mini-dress by Alexander McQueen, all thought that tennis was on the chicken or the party participated in the fighting on the pillows. Her dress looked worse for wear, it did not save the fashionable corrugated inserts and lace. Celebrity was as uncomfortable in this dress, how everyone was hurt to look at it.

2. Victoria Beckham – Event Prince’s Trust 2005


For years, Victoria Beckham was officially recognized style icon, chic, but even these ladies are wrong. During the event, Prince’s Trust in 2005, she remembered a time when he participated in the pop group “Spice Girls” and appeared in a dress in blue and green colors by Roberto Cavalli, which constantly provoked it for something to cover up from time to time. The dress was like a sari of ribbons that wrapped around the body of a brilliant actress.

1.Penelopa Cruz – at the premiere of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”


More talking not about the dress, and how it sits in the figure of the actress. At the premiere of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Penelope Cruz appeared in a white lace dress by Givenchy with an asymmetrical train and gilded details. In addition, it is poorly seated, and in places where the sewn zipper, wrinkled, it is also a full actress.

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