13 New Inventions for the Year 3000

13 New Inventions for the Year 3000

They say the world would be no more in 2012 but our scientists have seen the future and set their targets.

[ad300] By the year 3000, this world is going to have a variety of multi tasking personal machines which will make the work much easier for population.

I even can’t give any guess that what percentage of people will be alive to take advantage of it. However, OddStuffMagazine has got 13 new inventions for year 3000.

Take a look and have fun.

Wanna shave?

Need to be fit….

Breakfast time

Loo Entertainment

Rich Athletes

Wanna sit??

Save fuel

Sick and Sound

Parlour visit

Wanna fly??

Underwater Drive

Error in typing

No need to carry Bag now !!

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