13 New Inventions for the Year 3000

They say the world would be no more in 2012 but our scientists have seen the future and set their targets.

[ad300] By the year 3000, this world is going to have a variety of multi tasking personal machines which will make the work much easier for population.

I even can’t give any guess that what percentage of people will be alive to take advantage of it. However, OddStuffMagazine has got 13 new inventions for year 3000.

Take a look and have fun.

Wanna shave?

Need to be fit….

Breakfast time

Loo Entertainment

Rich Athletes

Wanna sit??

Save fuel

Sick and Sound

Parlour visit

Wanna fly??

Underwater Drive

Error in typing

No need to carry Bag now !!

36 thoughts on “13 New Inventions for the Year 3000”

  1. wow…amazing..seriously one day real world will be converted into such imagenary childern will definately njoy dat

  2. hehe :D amazing.. what a world of fantasy.. mind blowing..;)) specially dat four legged jeans lol ;P

  3. Eeeeee for effort. Here’s something a little more realistic. Especially sweve got a millenium to play with… All devices will dissapear only to integrate with living organisms via self evolving bio and nano tech helping them / us adapt to the challenges of the day without the clunky boxes which require constant replacent and maintenance and external power sources. Optimization of your digestive system will make the abovementioned “loo” completely unecessary. Well perhaps for surfing, since the three second tan will certainly melt skin as it exists today, what with no ozone layer

  4. Hahaha. I always knew “Flying” is possible in the near future. Year 3000 might be too far. lol.

    Nice fantasy though. That “Rich Athlete” is hilarious. lol

  5. I’m sure some of those devices will become reality in the not so distant future. Amphibious vehicles already exist and I’m sure it wont be too long before family versions come out.

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  8. ok none of this invetion make sense! wtf???? a cap that lets u fly? how in the $%^&*( does that work? i mean wow. u guyz are so stupid that its beyound funny it retarted…. omg….

    1st of shaving ur dad ??? wtf is that? better yet they will have it so u wont grow hair there!
    2nd invention… while ur sleeping u get ecercise??? hello! thats been done!
    3rd invetion getting a tan in 3 secs? good got that would hurt… all they do now is have this light hit u and its painless and it changs the color of ur skin not damaging it
    4th invention ok surfing on ur toilet??? omg! make a mess! holy shit who in the fuk would want to do that???/

    5th inv ok althlets being lazy rich? then they wouldnt be athlets would they???
    6th inv ok this one is proby the least stupid. but i think it sound stupid. i mean think of how uncomfotable it would be to sit!
    7th iven circus thig is beyound 3000 that like never going to happen
    8th inv when ur sick there will be somtin to wipe ur nose? omg how sick could u possible be to not be able to that? omg if this stuff dos happen all humans will be fat!
    9th inve stamp on ur face? get real! that would not work. even if u were in lulu land
    10th inv flying???? omg! the hat would just fly of ur head!
    11th inven driving under water? the pressure would kill u!
    12th a comp that…. omg! that would never happen u know how inter net is with porn! that bbe horible!
    13th last of not least…a back pack that takes u! more like it have a jet pack! then legs

  9. haha, acually its all a good idea. you just decided you were on your period the day you wrote this

  10. this actually show that when innovation got really far people would be so lazy…. that’s how i see this article.. 

  11. it is quiet good and there is no end of world in 2012 .it was all ready concluded by the great scientists

  12. Those inventions are unbelievable.The dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow.

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