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14 Weird Pictures of Human Being’s

I have collected some interesting Weird Pictures of Human Being’s, take a look.

A Child who tried to hide from a fire

A Profoundly ugly Woman

Eaten by bear statues

Extreme body mod

Freakishly large tongue

A human arm cut & ripped open

Traumatic fingernail removal

A Second Grader with his head split open

Staph infection of the shoulder

Nappy hair

Overcooked sun tan

Overgrown toenails

Watermelon dead

 When Saddam Hussein being captured 

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4 Responses to 14 Weird Pictures of Human Being’s

  1. I dont think WEIRD is the right adjective to use when describing this photo gallery. Its a bit misleading. Shocking or Graphic pictures of human beings is more like it. 

  2. You have misused the apostrophe – “Human Being’s” is a possessive term. Consult your dictionary for the proper use of apostrophes.