15 Ancient Cities, Which no Longer Exists

Many historical monuments of world fame, today can not be seen for several reasons. You can spend a vacation in Istanbul, Rome and Athens, exploring ancient ruins and monuments that have survived to the present day and, in addition, enjoy the beauty of our time.We offer an overview of the cities, on the streets that no longer walk, but get to know them still can.

Those for whom history and mythology is not an empty phrase, know that there were legendary city whose glory is much higher than the glory of Rome or Athens. But, unfortunately, they disappeared from the face of the earth and remained only in legends. The location of some of them can be calculated thanks to modern technology. If these cities survived, but now they may have been the most developed and beautiful in the world. In many cases, we have the opportunity to visit the ruins of the legendary metropolis and discover the features of the architecture, engineering and construction materials of the time.

15. Carthage (Tunisia)



The ancient city of Carthage was founded by the Phoenicians, in present-day Tunisia, under the rule of the legendary Queen Elissa or Dido. The city was a large and prosperous center of the region. For this reason, it enviously eyed the rulers of Syracuse and Rome.
The city survived the war with Rome, but in 698 BC was destroyed during the invasion of Muslims. At the time of Carthage with its hills, forums, houses decorated with mosaics and paved streets was the pearl of the Mediterranean.

14. Troy



Troy – the legendary city, sung in the epic works of Homer (“Iliad” and “Odyssey”), played an important role in history for 12-14 centuries BC. e. Archaeologists carefully and thoroughly examined layer by layer during the excavation of the city (today it is in Turkey). Its ruins have stood for thousands of years, and thanks to them we can imagine what the city was in its best years.

13. Tikal (Guatemala)



The ancient city of Tikal is located deep in the jungles of Guatemala. Once upon a time it was the capital of one of the most powerful and warlike state of one of the tribes of the Maya. The city was founded in the 4th century BC and lasted until 200 BC -900 years .. Excavations have shown that at Tikal was a lot of monuments, temples and palaces, and the city was a center of art and architecture. In addition, there were a lot of pyramids, decorated with carved stone faces of gods and other images.

12. Ancient Memphis (Egypt)



Memphis was founded in 3100 BC during the reign of the first Egyptian dynasty. At one time the city was a fortress, which controlled the land and water routes between Upper Egypt and the Nile Delta. Later, the city became a religious center and a thriving metropolis with beautiful temples and works of art. Magnificent temple, royal palaces and the statue of Ramses II – it was in the center of the ancient city. Ruins exist today and beckon with its mystery, but it is only a small part of the greatness of the whole city.

11. Babel and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Iraq)

Ancient Cities



The capital of the empire of Mesopotamia, Babylon, was known for its luxury and innovation. Today its ruins are located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are generally considered one of the seven wonders of the world, although no tangible evidence of this fact is not. The legend associated with the hanging gardens, says that King Nebuchadnezzar II built it for his wife, homesick, situated in the mountainous region. The gardens at the center of the desert on the terraces, which were watered thanks to a specially constructed irrigation system. If there were gardens and today, they would have been one of the most desirable attractions and a paradise on earth.

10. Ctesiphon (Iraq)



Ctesiphon was the capital of the ancient Persian Empire, and was on the banks of the Tigris River on terrritorii modern Iraq. He could be another incredible city with a masterpiece of architecture and technology. One of the attractions of the city is amazing, from the point of view of the ancient techniques of construction, vaulted wall, which is above the massive and grand throne room. Today it is the largest arch in the world, built of brick.

9. Mohenjo-daro (Pakistan)



Located in the valley of the Indus River, which now flows through the Pakistani city of Mohenjo-Daro was built in 2600 BC and largest not inferior Greek and Egyptian cities of the period.

The ruins show masterpiece of engineering solutions in the construction of entire residential complexes, shops and streets.

8. Mesa Verde (USA)



Unique ancient city, which is located in the eponymous national park in the United States, surprised more than 600 homes built by the people of the Anasazi stone, wood and limestone cliffs. Massive cliffs are home to 100 residents. To get to these homes, you need to climb stairs. If the city was inhabited today, it would be one of the unique places in the world.

7. Ani (Turkey)



Imagine a city where in 1001 the church is among the picturesque hills. This city existed and was called Ani, now is the territory of modern Turkey. It was the capital of the Armenian kingdom in the 10th century. Until now, the ruins of these churches are investigated, and every time they surprise wealth decor and unique architectural style. Ani in population has always been a powerful rival of Constantinople.

6. Thebes (Egypt)




City of the god Amon, the god of the sun, Thebes were buried in luxury, splendor worthy of the gods. The ruins of the legendary Thebes, witnesses of luxury and today impress visitors. In Thebes is the tomb of Tutankhamun. During the prosperity of the city was home to talented artists who painted the walls of tombs with frescoes, carved out of stone sculptured images and statues. Thebes proud pomp streets decorated with numerous statues, some of which have survived to the present day, standing for thousands of years.

5. Vijayanagar (India)



Vijayanagar, the ruins of which are today in India, was one of the greatest cities in the world with a population of 500 000 people. At one time it was the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire, which was located in the south of India. The city at that time were impressive religious buildings and sculptures, among them the majestic temples, some of which have survived to the present day. Caves, running water, community centers and temples were located in all parts of the city.

4. Persepolis (Iran)



City Persepolis – a territory of modern Iran, built a century, and, judging by the ruins, it was not in vain, because, obviously, in the heyday (for two centuries) the city was magnificent, and today he would have been one of the most beautiful. In Persepolis was built a huge architectural complex with carved statues of slaves, kings and other figures of the Persian Empire. In addition, in the city were built majestic royal palaces with columns and large rooms. Unfortunately, a large royal palace was burned by Alexander the Great, who wanted to destroy the Persian kingdom.

3. Palenque (Mexico)



Palenque – is another powerful city-state of Mayan, located in the Valley of Mexico, which is impressive for its architecture and engineering solutions. Although the city was abandoned about a thousand years ago, its ruins are preserved to the present day and are amazing with the greatness of massive platforms, palaces, squares and arenas. The city was the tap water through the aqueducts that have survived to the present day – in other words, live in the city was comfortable, of course, if we do not take into account the traditional human sacrifice.

2. Petra (Jordan)



Peter – a city that became known for the trilogy “Indiana Jones.” The city is literally carved out of pink stone in the rock, in modern day Jordan. In Petra, which was on the trade route from Asia to Arabia, traded silk and spices, making the city prospered. Today, the city no one lives, but at one time lived in the town of 30,000 people, and 10,000 people are constantly visited the settlement during the trip, including Bedouins and traders.

1. Angkor (Cambodia)



The ancient city of Angkor, whose ruins now stand as an island of forests and farm fields of modern Cambodia, proud of once magnificent buildings and one million inhabitants, making it the largest city in the pre-industrial world. In 9-15 centuries, the city is often visited. At 400 square kilometers were located temples, huge and carefully carved statues. Especially popular now enjoys the famous temple of Angkor with the famous luxurious decor.

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