15 Best Adrenaline Pictures of the Week – June 13th to June 20th, 2012

1. Nothing like a cup of coffee to start your morning climb. Photo by Tim Kemple

 2. 20 Minutes Before the Sea covers the only exit off Worm’s Head – We Ran

3. Tobias Bethge jumps a Train Gap in Whistler, British Columbia 

4. Scad Diving

5. Aaron Fotheringham performing a backflip in a wheelchair off a mega ramp

6. A one handed wheelie while holding the front tire with the other one

7. I’ll finish the flight alone ! Base-jump from a paraglider

8. Climbing on the Greek island of Kalymnos at sunset. Photo courtesy of Lukasz Warzecha

9. Eskil Ronningsbakken balancing over a cliff edge on a unicycle

10. Extreme kayaker Ben Brown plunging down ‘Downing Drop’, Iceland

11. First BASE Jump from a bridge

12. White Water Rafting , Kaituna river, Rotorua New Zealand (7m waterfall)

13. Train Track Bridge Jump from Active Track, Maine.

14. Halldor Helgason gets some big air while a powered parachute passes by

15. Cleaning the antenna of the Empire State Building – Vincent Laforet

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