15 Best Art Pictures of the Week – Jun 21st to Jun 26th, 2014

15 Best Art Pictures of the Week – Jun 21st to Jun 26th, 2014

Check out the art pictures of the week…..


1. The Destruction of the Turkish Fleet in the Battle of Chesma (1771) by Jakob Philipp Hackert [2,622×1,943

2. John Martin – The Great Day of His Wrath [3136x2023]

3. Istanbul’s first electric elevator is almost like a piece of art, in Pera Palace Hotel (1000×500)


4. Fisher Family at Nighttime Campfire with Turbulent Sea (1778) by Jakob Philipp Hackert [2,416 × 1,768]


5. When NASA Dreamed Big: Eclipse of the sun from inside a cylinder circa 1970s by Don Davis.[4512x5728] x-post /r/HI_Res


6. Inspired by Caneletto’s paintings my friend made this beautiful photograph at dawn in Venice, Italy (1000×500) 



8. Container Train by Jeffrey Smart (1983-1984) [2953x335] (


9. Albert Edelfelt – A Child’s Funeral (1879) [ 1,280 × 722]

10.Full Sized Link in Comments! Image is just a thumb. Van Gogh – Starry Night 1889 almost as good as if you saw it in person! [30,000×23,756] x-post r/HI_Res

11.Dutch Flagships at Sea in a Moderate Breeze under Easy Sail 1672 by Willem van de Velde the Elder [8,000×4,400] x-post r/HI_Res

12. The Battle of the U.S.S. “Kearsarge” and the C.S.S. “Alabama” by Édouard Manet June 19th 1864 [4,453×4,805] x-post r/HI_Res

13. Edward Hopper – Ground Swell (1920 x 1200) [1939]

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