15 Best Art Pictures of the Week – Mar 22th to Mar 28th, 2013

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

Check out the best art porn of this week…

1. Skull with a Burning Cigarette by Vincent van Gogh (1886) [1735×2325]

2.“Reflections” by Tom Hussey [1220x1228]

3. The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, Paul Delaroche [3936x3288]

4.   Galileo Probe Descent Into Jupiter – Unknown Artist 1995 [3000x2363]

5. Henri Rousseau – The Snake Charmer (1907) [900x796]

6. “Cliff Dwellers” – George Bellows, 1913 [2000×1900]

7.  N.C. (Newell Convers) Wyeth — The Opium Eater, 1913 [960X701]

8. ExLibris Bookplate From Konstantin Kalynovych — Till Ulenspiegel (Year Unknown?/LIC) [1152X850]

9. “Flute Concert with Frederick the Great in Sanssouci” – Adolph Menzel, 1852 [1280×879]

10.   Levi van Veluw – Landscape I, 2008 [1535 x 2126] [os]

11. Portrait of the Sculptor Oscar Meistchaninoff – Chaim Soutine, 1924, (388 x 500)  

12. “Me Quiero Morir” by Julio Galán, 1985. [709x494]

13. cool Abstract (painting?) 976×630

14. Johannes Bosboom – Lux In Tenebris Sun (I hope this is correct) [880x1272]

15. Faster than the City – Khaled Hafez, Egypt – 1999 [690x308]

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