15 Celebrities Who were Caught Stealing

Among Those WHO did not Steal from the “bins Motherland”, and with the Usual Shops and stalls of the gaping pockets of Citizens in the trolley, the vast Majority people are WHO, as the Saying goes, Makes Necessity.


But there are no rules without exceptions, so the Police of All Countries is not particularly surprised When, as A Petty thief comes Biggest STARS.Offer A Look at some of These celebrities do not resist the Temptation to Slowly pull the FACT That, as it seemed to Them is bad . HOWEVER, some of Stellar These thieves Theft Committed Long before His brilliant career, being bad-mannered A teenagers.


1. Megan Fox

It is Said That after A very Unpleasant for the Megan Fox of the Incident She WAS Banned even to enter the Walmart supermarkets, Which are in Florida. And All Because of the FACT That in the early days of her Youth She WAS Trying to Steal Lip gloss. Grief-thief spotted guarding with video Cameras. Police after She confessed to the Theft, did not Cause, and the shop WAS Told to Get Round.

A Childhood Friend of Megan Fox says it WAS That not only the Case of Theft, and as if Megan That WAS A great Expert in stealing candy. But it’s just unfounded Memoirs All Best friends.


2. Kesha

Today Kesha – A popular singer and Prosperous, But His Childhood and Youth except A very Poor CAN not be Called. While music career did not unwind, She HAD to earn the Usual waitress in Between recordings and writing His own music. Since Money lacked, the singer admits that while she was not squeamish petty theft in cheap grocery stores.


3. Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder, “the devil has beguiled” December 12, 2001 at the Luxurious shop “Fifth Avenue skas” (Saks Fifth Avenue) in Beverly Hills. Since the actress WAS very Famous and has Been Twice nominated for the “Oscar”, the Scandal erupted serious. Theft, Which Tries to make Winona, WAS Also not Small: the Camera Recorded as an actress cuts tags and stuffed in A bag Dresses and Jewelry valued at $ 5,000. Shop owners Were so Outraged That Would he try to Bring the matter to the widest possible publicity, and even herself an actress was arrested.

DURING the Proceedings Winona Also Charged with Drug use, and it Began to Get very nasty Turn. It is not what Known Would it Ended, But for her favorite hot interceded FANS. As A result, the actress off Got A large Fine, 480 hours of community service and the rate of compulsory treatment of drug addiction.


4. OJ Simpson

The Famous American Football Player OJ Simpson stands out Several series of Petty thieves.He has A very rich list of very serious Criminal Acts Which Eventually led to Prison HIM, WHERE he Will Spend as much as 33 years.

In 1994, Simpson Were Charged with the Murder of His wife and her lover, and Although many clues Were seemingly irrefutable, an Entire brigade of brilliant Lawyers failed to Convince the Court His Client’s Innocence and Saved HIM from the Death Penalty. By the way – one of the lawyers, Robert Kardashian, was the father of today’s famous socialite Kim Kardashian.

In 2008, Simpson again Presented A serious charge – this time Armed Robbery. Football Player with His friends Burst into the Hotel Room, WHERE WAS A he Trader of Sports trophies, and threatening with A pistol, took the cups That HAD Previously belonged to HIM . During working the trial of the Case Revealed That OJ Simpson is the organizer and Leader of A Criminal Community and celebrity sent to Prison for A Third of A century.


5. Amanda Bynes

Actress Amanda Bynes not just Get on Trying to make, Forgetting to Pay, then the Bonnet of the Shops, the Blouse. Although quite Similar Forgetfulness CAN be associated with Drug and alcohol abuse. So, in 2012, the actress even deprived of a driver’s License Because She sat Behind the Wheel Drunk, and even arranged with the Accident. In 2013, Amanda Noticed the use of Drugs Outside the Home, Gave her for it Three years Probation and sent to be Treated in A prestigious Clinic in Malibu. But the treatment did not help, and October 10, 2014 Amanda forcibly sent to a psychiatric hospital.


6. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is not only for Famous Songs ITS and “Grammy” Awards, and shoplift things Numerous Different value. This May be dvuhsotdollarovaya Shirt and halfpenny disposable LIGHTERS. It is Difficult to Understand what EXACTLY Causes the singer to Perform such Acts, But it is Clearly not Self-Interest. After All, the number of albums sold has exceeded Long One hundred million, in 2012 it earned $ 58 million and was recognized as the highest paid singer in the world.


7. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Regularly reminds Himself not so much Successful Public roles as Theft of Luxury boutiques and Drunken Accident. In addition, the Paparazzi All over in great Detail Discussing her Addiction.

Also A lot of noise WAS Made History with A necklace worth $ 2,500. The shop Owner Claimed That remeasure huge amount of Jewelry, the actress tried One of Them Escape. The very Same Lindsay Said That WAS the necklace taken, as is Often Assumed to rent, and her stylist That HAD to Return it on time and need to deal with it. But to 120 days in prison as a result of still sentenced her.


8. Courtney Love

The Widow of the Legendary Kurt Cobain actress and singer Courtney Love never WAS gentle Disposition. Her Childhood cloudless Also CAN not be named. Suffice it to Say That When her Father WAS Deprived of Parental rights, One of the charges alleged That he Gave His little daughter to try LSD.

As A teenager, Courtney caught stealing T-shirts, and She HAD to go to Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility (Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility). After the Death of Kurt Cobain Courtney tried to blame His Murder, But it Remained on the Level of unsubstantiated rumors . But Allegations of Drug abuse has Been substantiated, and Because of Them, Love WAS Nearly Lost her Parental rights. Then there WAS another Major Scandal with Jewelry valued at $ 100,000, which Love allegedly borrowed and not returned on time.


9. Brooke Burke

Actress Brooke Burke Got into A very Unpleasant Story with her ​​husband David Charvetom.They Were Accused of buying stolen Household appliances in the amount of 70,000 dollars an employee Euroconcepts Inc. Although the Couple Claimed They did not know That the equipment purchase They illegally, still decided not to risk it and settle the matter with the company Euroconcepts Inc., without bringing him to trial.


10. Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati – A star not only tennis Courts, and Police Records. The first episodes of Criminal ITS WAS quite Harmless – She tried on A lot of rings, and then headed out without Removing One of Them. Since the price of only $ WAS Jewelry 15, the assertion Jennifer That She just Forgot to Take it off, it sounds very plausible. But this Episode as if Opened A Real “Pandora’s Box”. Tennis players Regularly Accused of possessing and using Drugs, and even That it pursues ITS Former boyfriends .


11. Bai Ling

And Theft, and the arguments actress Bai Ling That tried to Bring in His own defense, Surprising ITS absurdity. To Pass the time while waiting for the plane at the Airport in Los Angeles, Bai Ling pulled the store A Couple of Weekly Magazines and A set of batteries.Value of the Property does not hold up to 20 dollars. Alert Sellers Noticed thief and A Scandal. defensively, the actress Said That Pushed the Theft her recent Break with her ​​boyfriend.


12. Rex Reed

Most likely, the venerable Film critic Rex Reed not Lying When, burning with Shame, Explained Sellers from Tower Records store, just some Forgot That CD tucked into the Pocket. shopkeepers Believed HIM and withdrew Their Claim. One of the ill-fated drive WAS a collection of songs performed by Peggy Lee, and when the singer had heard of the sad incident that came so excited that he immediately sent Reed its entire catalog.


13. Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt Criminal fame goes Hand in Hand with ITS Success in Film and television. In 2007, Stephanie has achieved great fame, becoming the real star of American reality show The Hills, and she immediately had to publicly apologize for the fact that last year she tried to Decorate from Hawaiian clothes store Neiman Marcus in the amount of $ 1,300. At That time, She worked an assistant producer of the television series “Lost” and Decided to Dress up A bit, saving. In 2009, Stephanie was arrested for drunk driving.


14. Shelley Morrison

When the star of the television series “Will & Grace” Shelley Morrison WAS Arrested for stealing Jewelry designer in Los Angeles Department store Robinsons-May, it Made her such A shock That the details of this Event, She does not Remember anything. Police Said she did not know how to decorate for the sum of 446 dollars to put it in Their pockets, But Also to deny His Guilt has not Become an actress. After His Arrest, Shelley Morrison WAS in such low Spirits That Could not Eat and Lost weight by almost 14 pounds.


15. Farrah Fawcett

In the 70s of the century Farrah Fawcett Last WAS A Real sex symbol of the era, and the number of Playboy Magazine with her ​​Photographs Became the Most popular of All rooms 90s. At the peak of His career, Ferry faced with WAS A very Unpleasant Situation, Which resulted in A charge of Theft and fines. ACCORDING to Most actresses, shop refused to Return Money for her the clothes, Which She sent back, as She approached her not to. Then Ferry Decided to Restore justice, quietly sneaking outfits for the Same amount, and what Told About the Police When She WAS caught in the act. Custody order such Explanations seemed unconvincing, and the actress HAD to Pay fines.

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