15 Oldest Existing Cities Around the World

The history of the human world and seen the flowering and the fall of millions of cities, many of which are in a special period of glory and prosperity were captured, destroyed or abandoned. Thanks to new technologies they seek and find archaeologists. Under the sand, ice or mud buried former glory and its former greatness. But many of the rare cities were tested at a time, and the people too. We offer an overview of the cities that have existed for centuries and continue to live.

The ancient city survived and survived, despite various difficulties – war, natural disasters, population migration, modern standards.They evolved a bit due to the progress, but did not lose their identity, preserving the architecture, the memory of the people.

15. Balkh, Afghanistan: 1500 g BC


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The city, which in Greek sounded like Bactria, was founded in 1500 g BC, when the first people settled in the area. “Mother of Arab towns” passed the test of time. Indeed since its foundation began the history of many cities and empires, including the Persian kingdom. Era of prosperity is considered the heyday of the Silk Road. Since then the city has experienced and downs, and sunrises, but still is the center of the textile industry. Today is left of its former greatness, but remained mysterious atmosphere and timeless.

14. Kirkuk, Iraq: 2200 BC



The first settlement appeared in 2200 g BC City controlled the Babylonians and Medes – all evaluated advantageous its location. And today you can see the castle, which has already turned 5000 years. Although this is only the ruins, but the outstanding part of the landscape. The city is located 240 km from Baghdad and is one of the centers of the oil industry.

13. Erbil, Iraq: 2 300 g BC



This mysterious city appeared in 2300 g BC He was a major center of trade and concentration of wealth. For centuries it controlled the different peoples, including the Persians and Turks. During the existence of the Silk Road city became one of the main stops caravans.One of his fortresses still is a symbol of the ancient and glorious past.

12. Tyre, Lebanon: 2750 g BC



The first settlement appeared here in 2750 BC g Since then the city has experienced many conquests, many rulers and generals. At the time, Alexander the Great conquered the city and the rules a few years. In 64 AD he began to belong to the Roman Empire. Today is a beautiful tourist city. Mention of it there is in the Bible: “Who has defined this against Tyre, the crowning city, whose merchants [were] princes, merchants – the earth?”.

11. Jerusalem, Middle East: 2800 g BC

Old City from the Mount of the Olives


Jerusalem, probably the most famous of these cities in the review of the Middle East, if not the world. It was founded in 2800 g BCand played an important role in the history of mankind. In addition, the city is the religious center of the world, there are many historical buildings and artifacts, such as the Holy Sepulcher and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The city has a rich history – was besieged 23 times, attacked the city of 52. In addition, it twice destroyed and rebuilt.

10. Beirut, Lebanon: 3000 g BC



Beirut was founded in 3000 BC g and became the capital of Lebanon. Today it is the capital, known for its cultural and economic heritage. For many years, Beirut is a tourist town. It has existed for 5,000 years, despite the fact that the transition from hand to hand the Romans, the Arabs, the Turks.

9. Gaziantep: 3650 g BC



Like many ancient gorodva Gaziantep survived the reign of many nations. Since its inception, and is 3650 g BC, he was in the hands of the Babylonians, Persians, Romans and Arabs. Turkish city is proud of its multi-national historical and cultural heritage.

8. Plovdiv, Bulgaria: 4000 g BC



Bulgarian city of Plovdiv has existed for over 6000 years. It was founded in 4000 AD c d To the control of the Roman Empire, the city belonged to Thracians and was later ruled by the Ottoman Empire. Different people have left their cultural and historical mark in its history, for example, Turkish baths or the Roman style of architecture.

7. Sidon, Lebanon: 4000 g BC



This amazing city was founded in 4000 BC g At the time of Sidon was captured by Alexander the Great, it was Jesus Christ and St. Paul. Thanks to the glorious and rich past, the city is appreciated in archaeological circles. It is the oldest and most important Phoenician settlement, which still exists today.

6. El-Fayoum, Egypt: 4000 g BC



The ancient city of Fayoum, founded in 4000 g BC, is the historical part of the ancient Egyptian city Krokodilopolisa almost forgotten city, where people worshiped the sacred crocodile Petsuchos. Nearby are the pyramids and the great center. Throughout the city and beyond, there are signs of antiquity and cultural heritage.

5. Susa, Iran: 4200 g BC



In 4200 Mr. BC was founded by the ancient city of Susa, which is now called Shush. Today there live 65,000 inhabitants, although once there were more. At one time he belonged to the Assyrians and Persians and was the capital of the empire Elamites. The city has experienced a long and tragic history, but remains one of the most ancient cities in the world.

4. Damascus, Syria: 4300 g BC



Historians call Damascus the oldest inhabited city in the world. According to some sources Damascus was founded in 10,000 g BC, although the official founding date is considered to be 4300 g BC Disputes continue, since they are to different arguments. Damascus today – is the oldest city in the world and remains an important and inhabited city. Alexander the Great conquered it, the Arabs, the Romans and the Turks, but there are lots of attractions for tourists before the tragic events of the “Syrian spring”.

3. Aleppo, Syria: 4300 g BC



Aleppo was founded in 4300 BC g Ancient and one of the most populated cities in Syria, before the events of “Syrian spring” it had a population of 4.4 million people. He is proud of its antiquity, historical and cultural heritage and attributes of modernity. The city was besieged by the Crusaders and Mongols, but he persevered and remained alive for more than 6000 years.

2. Byblos, Lebanon: 5000 g BC



More than 7000 years ago, the city was founded by the Phoenicians as Hebe, and he was given its present name the Greeks. Biblical city is proud of its attractions, including castles, churches and temples, which for thousands of years.

1. Jericho, Palestine: 9000 g BC



Jericho is today considered the oldest existing cities. It was founded in 9000 g BC, he was already 11 000 years. It is hard to imagine, but to the city’s founding 500 years people just like domesticated animals. Today it is home to 20,000 inhabitants.

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