Pretty Landscapes by Woodward

Scheduled Forest Woodward envied by many, Because His Life – One is Continuous Journey. Last year alone, Woodward, rock climber, and Surfer A professional Photographer, visited A half dozen Countries, Including Spain, Peru, and more than 20 US States. Here is the top 15 shots that he did this year.

Pictures Woodward did not cause feelings of envy, because they seem to take you on a journey through the amazing places.



1. Billabong Havasu in Arizona. A little Further on turquoise water is muddy Mixed with the Stream of the Colorado River. Narrow canyons and Ask you to ride on Them, But first make sure your Boat That is Small enough to squeeze through Narrow Slits.


2. Woodward with the team for A month rafted the Colorado River, and white water rafting, he Said, Turned out to be quite Heavy. HOWEVER, there are Times When you CAN enjoy the spectacular views.


3. One member of the team jumping on the boat in search of food and cold beer during a night halt.


4. In the Grand Canyon Winter Also happens. Is She like Short Cold days with the LACK of sun. When A ray of sunshine finally gets to the bottom of the canyon, you CAN enjoy ITS warmth.


5. Route titled “New York ravine” runs along the northern side of the mountain Snoqualmie, Washington and completed a striking view of Mount Rainier and the surrounding terrain.


6. March in Joshua Tree National Park – the Best time to shoot Because of the Optimal Light. In addition, the Entourage Added Maze canyons of Small and Stone Corridors That are so eager to Come to know.


7. Huge rocks in Joshua Tree, California, can awaken the child in all of us.


8. At this protruding rock in Joshua Tree Park Woodward with A Friend stumbled DURING A Short Walk through the desert. A few DEFT Movements, and you have the Best View in the Whole district.


9. At the top of the mountain in the Spanish Pyrenees Ryun blow so strong winds that blow off without any problems there may be human.


10. A female hermit in a large pristine wetlands, which many near New Orleans.


11. The WAVES, in Which Woodward Couple of months worked as A volunteer, is Engaged in the development of Cultural Tourism through surfing. The Action Takes PLACE in the Village of Lobitos in Northeastern Peru.


12. amphibian beautiful views of the lush landscapes of Minnesota with their endless lakes.


13. Woodward’s Independence Day with friends Decided to Spend not quite Traditional – no flags, fireworks and barbecues. Instead, They Went to the coast of Long Island in New York and skated on the boards on the Evening waves.


14. A surfer enjoys the waves at sunset off the coast of Montauk, New York.


15. Alaska was the perfect place to prepare for the trip to the mountains of New Zealand.

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