15 Useful Tips for Organizing Storage Space for Cosmetics

It’s time to put things in order in his makeup. Just a few simple tips and beauty products will find their place, and the application process will be comfortable. We offer 15 practical and effective tips to organize itself as cosmetics and arrange a place for its application.

Dressing tables of all shapes and sizes


One can argue about the forms of the dressing table, but the basic principle is that it was convenient to place cosmetics and mirror. Lighting and chair is also not to be redundant in this ensemble.


Not all of us live in homes where there is a place specifically for the installation of the dressing table, but if you show ingenuity and creativity of such a place can be found. Simple dressing table can be placed in a niche, away from the place where they often go to give yourself a secluded corner, even in the chaos.

Shelf – a successful replacement of the dressing table


Perhaps the room is not enough space to install the dressing table. It’s okay! With a little creativity and install a simple shelf on which lay all your makeup and accessories. Hang the shelf at a convenient height, put next to a small chair, place a mirror, lighting and get the perfect place for applying makeup.

Large mirror


Just a dressing table is not enough. Use a large mirror when apply makeup, it will provide the perfect lighting, and will assess the full picture of makeup.

The advantage of natural light


Someone clever said that if the makeup looks perfect in daylight, he will look perfectly and at a different light. It is important to try to establish a dressing table by the window to light falling directly on the face.


Ideally, when the light comes from all sides, since one source will appear on the face shadows that distort the face and disrupt the balance when applying makeup. All lights must be placed in front to provide bright, soft light, which will fall on your face.


As the sun – it is an ideal light source, use special light bulbs, light which is close to the quality of sunlight. On these bulbs is written “natural light” or “daylight spectrum”.

Useful tips for storing cosmetics


Sufficiently large size, divided into sections such pallets cutlery ideal for shine, comb, mascara, eyeliner and other cosmetics.Cups to hold the office of the same suit.


Old candlesticks that were about to throw away, you can flip to glue the pyramid will drawers for storage of glitz and things like that.


The adaptation of the candy does not take up much space, it consists of three levels, all at once visible and accessible. Organizer can be used for office paper, etc.


If you can not buy candy, stacked device can be made with your own hands. On Web sites, many of these on housekeeping tips.


To ensure that your makeup or jewelry can not move when the box is opened, use velvet or felt on which objects will not slip.Thus, we can accommodate any storage boxes which are ideally take their place in the box.


To extend the life of brushes for makeup, keep them upright. To do this, choose a suitable container and fill it with 2/3 glass beads Color Fill (which can be found in flower shops or haberdashery departments), rice or beans. Then, insert the brush in the filler vertical pile up.


Everyone knows that the ornaments and small jars with shadows or shine always in disarray. A simple tip, adjust organizer for storing pens, paper clips, etc. and start storing it in cosmetics, accessories and jewelry. In deep holes can store pencils and scissors, glitter, and small rings, earrings.


Free surface dressing table thanks to its wonderful adaptation – magnetic board. Find a nice frame for the picture. Instead of glass put a metal plate or a glass available, apply several layers of magnetic paint. For every box of shadows, blush, etc. glue the magnets. And all!

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