15th Annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney, Australia

15th Annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney, Australia

100 artists from around the world are on display along the sandstone cliffs of the Pacific coast until November 20 during the 15th annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney.

Heads up

A tree by Byeong Doo Moon

The Golden Buddha’sSeasideHolidayby Stephen Marr

Tortoise by Mark Swartz

The Predators in the Park by Belinda Villani

Who Left the Tap On, Simon McGrath’s sculpture

Toads on Tour by Hannah Kidd

Fibreglass zebras by Alan and Julie Aston’s

Ship of Fools by Deborah Halpern

Screwing by the Sea by Poul Baekhoj

Corey Thomas sculpture The Midget Attacks

The Hazard by Chava Kuchar

Look This Way by Ken Unsworth

A gift frame by Jane Gillings

The Nail by Juan Pablo Pinto and Clary Akon

The Ruin by Marcus Tatton

Birds of a feather by Geoff Harvey

Message in a Bottle by Steven Thomson & Jonas Allen

Childhood Horizon by Chen Wenling

Do Not Touch by artist Gary Deirmendjian

Private Poetry by Richard Tipping’s

Indian Coca-cola

Isometric Trinity by Fatih Semiz

Moebius in Space Planet by Keizo Ushio

Ammonite 2006 by Bert Flugelman

Sea Change by Lucy Barker

K.M.S.E – The Best Of Perth

Two Dogs in a House on a Boat in the Water by Daniel Clemmett

Orest Keywan – Above The Line

Sculptures line the cliff top by the Sea exhibition

A sculpture near Bondi Beach

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