18 Best Tattoos of the Week – July 16th to July 22th, 2013

Taaaadddaaaa here is the tattoos of the week……..

1. My first tattoo by Iulian Popa from tattoo Peter in Amsterdam

2. Dot work by Aubrey at Hold Fast Tattoo in Kansas City.

3. Dream catcher on my shin for my mom. She was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. – Kevin Poon Scorpion Studios Houston, TX

4. geometric sleeve by Niko Inko, Street Tattoo in Franconville, France

5. Rocketeer by Brandon Daily at Shamrock Tattoo in Ormond Beach, FL

6. My new tattoo, by Amanda at Anchor’s Tattoo Studio, Burlington, Ontario

7. Update: Forearm Tribal Coverup (Ricco Diamante, Gypsy Vault, Fort Wayne, IN)

8. Carved Skull Tattoo , Hayley Lakeman of Fu’s Custom Tattoo Charlotte NC

9. Persian themed sleeve, dotwork done by Kari @ Memento Tattoo – Oslo, Noway

10. Tattoo by Drew at STR Body Modifications, Wyong AUS

11. All Seeing Eye done by Eli Ferguson at Seventh Circle Brisbane, Australia.

12. My friend’s new tattoo done by Erica Scott @ Vintage Tattoo Parlour in Monroe, LA

13. Hogwarts done by Mark Bentley at Hip Hop Robot Tattoo in Seattle, Washington

14. Walter “Sausage” Frank. Club Tattoo Las Vegas.

15. Memorial to the guy that saved my life in Iraq. Done by Daniel Santoro of Smith Street Tattoo Parlor in Brooklyn, NY

16. My golden retriever in a rocketship. RIP Sweet boy. By John Laramy, NE Tattoo MPLS

17. Han/Leia/Chewie made by Jeanet Trebbien @Rites of Passage, Copenhagen, Denmark

18. Mech-Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland) done by Bright Side Tattoo in Copenhagen. Got it yesterday and im super psyched!