Creative Accessories for bathroom and toilets

These are the areas that constantly need to be changed, because every day there are all sorts of new gadgets. We offer an overview of useful, funny and cute accessories for the bathroom. They are designed to make life easier and more comfortable conditions for water treatment.

1. Anti-banana skin for a bath

The bathroom can easily slip and fall, so banana peel with anti-slip properties should be set in the tub or shower stall underfoot. It turns out that bananas are not only good for our health when we eat them, but we can save lives. In each package, which costs $ 6, there are three copies of such labels. The creators of the present invention are Ivan Duval and Jean-Sebastien Eid of creative company Atypyk Paris.


2. Magnetic holder for soap


3. despreader tubes of toothpaste

You are one of those people who get nervous when someone squeezed the toothpaste in the middle? And you put the tube on the edge of the sink and press to make it easier to squeeze out the remaining contents or cut it with a toothbrush and try to collect leftover pasta? In this case you need a special constrictor for tubes. He is a plastic device for twisting and pressure. With it, you can squeeze the entire tube to the end without problems.


5. The plug for the bath

Take a bath so nice and relaxing, especially when you have a good mood. But after a while the water in the bath becomes cooler and comes time to get out with regret. To this did not happen, you can purchase this lovely device. Drain the water will be much happier. The plug any hole closes. No fish suffered in the manufacture of the product. The height of the cork – 9 cm to the tail.


6. The toilet seat with high technology

You press a special button on the toilet and hear the sound of water coming down, which can stifle and mask any sounds made by you in the toilet. Another button you dry underneath.Another button – and switched mode “bidet” and you watch helplessly as plastic hand a soft brush appears and begins to wash away your warm water. Japanese high-tech will cost you $ 400.


7. Bath Crayons

Why not take artistry on the walls, taking a bath? Set of six different colored crayons will draw on the walls of the bath. Each crayon is in a special plastic case, but the fact that you have drawn, can be easily washed off with water.


8. Brush and Accessories Bubble

Introducing brush with integrated device for inflating soap bubbles, which is set right in the center. Have fun in the bathroom by yourself or let the kids to play around.


9. Form “goatee” Shaving

Do you want to have a perfect “goatee” after shaving? Then buy a special form for this purpose. We put it to his mouth and chin and safely shave along the contours of the form.Created this clever device for men Scott Bondzh inspired way Hannibal Lecter.


10. Indicator light bowl

An innovative solution for those who are awake to the toilet at night. The indicator light turns on toilet The LavNav when you approach in the dark, and off when you leave. Now the toilet seat will be easier to find in the dark without blinding yourself included bulb. The system is equipped with special sensors and motion raising and lowering the cover. When the red light – that the lid is raised, and green – is omitted.


11. Hand cleaner for the bathroom mirror

Do you in the bathroom again misted mirror? Just clean it with a new invention. This manual “razor” does not shave, and cleans. Included is a sucker, which can be attached to this cleaner directly on the mirror or tile.


12. Ducks Bath

Yellow rubber duck is popular at all times. But if you get tired of that she can not do anything, but only squeak when compressed, it is worth paying attention to the original ducks that change their color when exposed to warm or cool water. In addition, they can sing – in their arsenal five songs on the duck tongue. Ducks also are able to blink eyes. A particular advantage is considered to be the ability to dabble. Little duck can produce water splashing out of my head, but she was not a whale! Although this option and dysfunctional, but fun.


13. Hand towel holder and towel

This simple invention, if you hang it in your bathroom or kitchen will cause you and your guests with a smile on your face every time you look at it. The holder is attached to the wall with screws or double-sided tape (all included).


14. talking toilet paper holder

Talking toilet paper holder – an electronic device on which you can record, unfortunately, only shestisekundnoe message that will be played every time you wind off the next piece of paper.Includes instruction manual and premium labels. Simply click on the “record” and start talking.You can overwrite the message multiple times. Included are offered examples of such messages, and you can choose your favorite (“Relax, take your time,” “could, and better, is not it?”, “Good work,” etc.). What message record is up to you, but do not forget about the children and their psyche.


15. Light water temperature sensors for the soul

Light sensors are green, red and blue, set at the head of the shower hose to react to the change in water temperature. The red indicator lights when the water temperature is above 46 degrees, to warn you about the possibility of burns. No need for any batteries, the device is suitable for all kinds of soul. It drives the water itself, the indicators are activated automatically.


16. Funny toilet paper

Want to have fun, solving crossword puzzles, or just want to use for their needs a roll of toilet paper printed with hundred dollar bills? Or wind for fun all the ribbon with the inscription “Here is investigating the crimes” to warn others that you can not go yet because of the discomfort associated with the smell? Each roll 40 meters and inscriptions or designs printed on both sides.


17. The toothbrush with toothpaste automatic feed

Toothbrush with toothpaste automatic feed is based on a revolutionary technology that delivers paste automatically when you press the button directly to the bristles. The brush consists of a holder, the head and the middle part, where the management of the supply of toothpaste, here is a motor and a container with pasta. The second motor, which is activated when you press the button controls the brush head. Brush works on rechargeable batteries.


18. The delivery device of shower gel in the form of a human nose

Just squeeze or push, and shower gel comes out of one nostril device. And disgusting and funny at the same time! Rubber construction height of 23 cm mounted on a flat surface with a sucker. Easy to press, and the amount of gel in the container is 150 grams.


19. A device for reading news feeds

None of the above inventions in this list do not admire, as a combination of news columns on the toilet paper and daily trips to the toilet. This device connects to your computer via Wi-Fi, and the news is printed on toilet paper, you read … and use them to their destination.However, such a device is available so far only in Taiwan.


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