20 Amazing Ideas for a Unforgettable Holidays

Weekends and holidays are not so often as we would like. So we just have to hold them for good use and try to get every holiday unforgettable. Here are a few ideas that can make every day very special.

1. Hammock cocoon

Normal hammock is a wonderful tool for relaxation. But such a hammock-like cocoon fantastic and cozy hut at the same time, guarantees a truly memorable stay. This particular cocoon hanging on Philippine beach,is superb and it’s really good for interior.

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2. Mini peninsula in Greece

Holidays at the microscopic peninsula in Greece will be a truly memorable one. I WISH I COULD GO THER….OR SOMEONE TAKE ME THER…Similar place combines all the advantages of a tiny uninhabited island and the mainland. The freshness of the endless expanse of ocean waves and wind, on the other hand all the comforts of civilization and great service always at hand.

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3. Hammock on the island Dedon

Another great Filipino hammock. This time on the island Dedon. Real magic nest, hovering just above the water.

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4. Mineral water pools in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is an amazing place, located in the southwest of Turkey is famous for its many geothermal springs and special natural pools, splashing in white travertine bowls. Surprisingly, all this fantastically beautiful design created by nature itself without any human intervention. Hosts allowed here day and night in a modest fee. And in the pool Cleopatra even you are allowed to swim. If you want to wander on the trail travertine and Cleopatra dip in the pool, it is best not to wait for later, because together with the unique natural object accelerated pace is building artificial pools. When they finish building, the tour completely closed access to this travertine to protect their fragile beauty from destruction.

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5. Tree house. Nicaragua.

As a child, many of us have built themselves small shelters on the trees. In the Nicaraguan village a house built on a huge tree, which is more like a whole village. There’s plenty of room for the whole group of friends. It’s very adventurous…


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6. Garden Alcove water

This unique garden, where water and land literally intertwined with each other, forming a fantastic pattern, is in New Zealand.


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7. Cave Pool Santorini

Azure pool in snowy cave Greek island of Santorini is perfect for a romantic weekend. Forget this place is just not possible.


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8. River resort on Bali

Indonesian island of Bali – A favorite place of so many people. This fantastic hut which is both a bridge across the river, is a convincing proof that heaven in a tent can be an absolute reality.

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9. Floating restaurant. Maldives.

This amazing restaurant literally floats on the surface waters of the equatorial Indian Ocean. Bring guests here on a special boat, and then left alone with each other and enjoy endless ocean.


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10. Regatta amphibious vehicle. Switzerland.

To make this exciting excursion, do not have to change every now and then from the car to the boat and vice versa.Amphibious vehicle can move equally well on land and water, and can provide unforgettable impressions.


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11. Home island. Canada.

On this tiny island you can see one small beautiful house. But the weekend will turn into a place infinitely enjoyable.

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12. Glass Library. Germany.

Probably thought to spend the weekend in the library few people seem attractive. But it strongly depends on the kind of library. Check out the glass library, surrounded by lush vegetation, is sure to become very interesting for library lovers.

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13. Arbour jack

In Thailand, you can find many of these huge trees, which, if desired, people can liven on. At one of these trees resort Soneva Kiri can visit the amazing restran jack and dine while admiring the surroundings almost aerial view.

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14. Colombian huts

Picturesque huts, magnificent nature and carefree swaying hammocks create the atmosphere of this tropical paradise.


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15. Puerto Vallarta Beach

This futuristic statue on the beach in Puerto Vallarta is in Mexico City specially created,somone could sit down to make the original photo or just relax and enjoy the endless horizon.

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16. Pool cinema

The theater owners don’t know the tricks to lure more viewers. This theater, like all capped at the level of comfort. Here are people invited to watch movies, swimming in the comfy chairs in the large pool.

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17. Kayaking. Alaska.

If you are strong, healthy and crave adventure, then you need to be sure to go on a kayak on the Gulf Glaciers. Breathtaking scenery and serious exercise here is guaranteed to everyone.

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18. Boat Pool

And here in the U.S. city of Seattle boating enthusiasts are invited not fragile kayak that strives to turn over all the time, and incredibly luxurious boat, in which there is even a jacuzzi.

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19. Rooftop pool

In modern cities rooftop pools are not so rare. This, for example, is in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Splash in the pool without the slightest risk of catching a cold, you can even check it in winter.


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20. Boat trips in Kefalonia

Caving always carries with a lot of unforgettable impressions. A boat trip on the cave halls – it is something quite incredible.It is possible to make such trips, visiting the Greek island of Kefalonia.

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