20 Awesome Creative Bookshelves


1.  Bookshelf with a Bench

Creative BookshelvesThis design is really cool and i think also can give relaxed feel by the space.

2. Cave Bookshelf

Creative Bookshelves

Creative Bookshelves

Amazing bookshelf with cave also good to increase your baby’s reading interest when he is young?

3. Hanging Bookshelf

Creative Bookshelves

Really awesome Bookwave Hanging Storage good for commercials too.

4. Pulse Bookshelf

Creative Bookshelves

A great bookshelf shaped like a heartbeat in an electrocardiogram.

5. Second And a Half Dimension Bookshelf
Creative Bookshelves

This amazing bookshelf is not only for you to hold books but also to hold your flowers.

6. Circular Bookshelf

Creative Bookshelves

Unusual bookshelf designs but no other one where you can “roll” up with a good book.

7. Bass Bookshelf

Creative Bookshelves

Its a cd rack but it can be used as a bookshelf.

8. Ellipse Bookshelf

Creative Bookshelves

The Ellipse Bookcase is a beautiful design for your room  its made of hard tough elm tree wood and layers of wood veneer, covered with unrolled bamboo.

9. Tangram Bookshelf

Creative BookshelvesNamed Tangram,very flexible bookshelves.

10. Billy Brother Bookshelf

Creative BookshelvesA best combination of both sculpture and bookshelf.

11. Pyramid Bookshelf

Creative BookshelvesReally cool pyramid bookshelf.

12. Takebook Contemporary Bookshelf

Creative BookshelvesBookshelves and cases with great colour combinations of orange and white.

13. Malus Communis Bookshelf

Creative Wall Bookshelves

A creative bookshelf  holds your books and save your space .

14. Bookworm Bookshelf

Creative Wall BookshelvesInteresting idea to store books, magazines, and DVDs is called by his creator Bookworm.

15. Lovely Rita Bookshelf

Creative Wall Bookshelves Lovely Bookshelves for you.

16. Flying Vee Bookshelf

Creative Wall BookshelvesThe L or V shape of this customizable design makes a versatile way of keeping your books in a row.

17. Elastic Bookshelf

Creative Wall BookshelvesSimple design lends itself to hanging a multiple-use series without spoiling the aesthetics.

18. Balancing Bookshelf

Creative Wall Bookshelves
Creative Wall BookshelvesDubbed “Maintain the Balance of your Knowledge”

19. Branca Bookshelf

Creative Wall Bookshelves

Branca bookshelf is the great idea of natural shape abstraction.you can place it in different positions according to your requirement.

20. Yet Wall Light Bookshelf

Creative Wall Bookshelves

A unique decorative Y shape bookshelf was specially designed to make use of the light of a simple fluorescent bulb, throughout its surface and length.

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