20 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – July 6th to July 12th, 2013

20 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – July 6th to July 12th, 2013

Check out the unique art pictures of this awesome week…………

1. Norfolk Southern celebrates its 20th anniversary by assembling 20 locomotives in historic liveries [1200x797]

2.  NASA’s new polar science rover, GROVER (Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle for Exploration and Research) [2000x1333]



3. Residue Solutions MudMaster screw-driven vehicle [2816x2112]


4. Maz 7907 experimental heavy haul vehicle (1985, two built, none survived) [2048x1472]


5. [800x527] One of Mammoet’s Trailers. The tires on the back few axels are capable of turning to help with maneuvering.

6. Japanese High Speed Train [1920x1080]

7. Cat 6120 serial no.600-001. Weighs 1300T and has a 65 cubic meter bucket. [800x517]


8.[OC] 2 X CAT 785D Mining Trucks in our shop (Brand New) [2659X1173]

9. Overhead Cam V Twin Engine Chain Drive – Probably a Royal Enfield but I can’t find much info on it [780 x 

10. Dragline Crossing Road [1225x664]

11. Experimental Boeing or McDonald Douglas reusable spacecraft from the 1990’s [819x1024]

12. 1929 Rolls Royce 20, this car used a 12-volt electrical system and a 3.1 Liter Inline-6 cylinder overhead valve engine producing 20hp. [OC] [2048 x 1360]



13. Maz 525 electric mining truck [1024x768]


14. Not sure if you would call this a machine but these trailers get built near my work, yes that’s one trailer, 16 axles [1200x1600]

15. 1960’s Air France, Breguet 763 Provence Aircraft [1024x695]

16. The Schwerer Gustav, a massive German artillery gun constructed during WWII, which had a maximum range of 47 km [640 × 49


17. [OC] Towhaul 1600 Ton Capacity Trailer being loaded on to a Mammoet 24 axle Trailer at our Shop. [1491x1080]

18. Prototype Timberjack Walking Harvester [417 x 367]

19. Volvo FH when it was in it’s testing phase[600x400]

20. 1932 Alfa Romeo P3, 2.6L Straight-8 (two straight 4 blocks), and Twin Roots Superchargers. Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival 2013 [OC] [2048 x 1360]


21. If you are in the Cleveland, OH area this weekend, you might want to stop by the Lost Nation Airport in Willoughby, OH to check out the air show. There will be a B-17 on display (sorry for the lousy cell phone pic). Link to air show web page in comments. [OC 3264 X 2448]


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