20 Best Tattoos of the Week – May 07th to May 13th, 2013

Check out the latest designs of May tattoos….

1. A few weeks ago I got the same tattoo as my grandad from Daryl Rodreigez at hold it down in richmond va. I drove up to see him in the hospital.. His I from Pearl Harbor ’42.

2. Edward Scissor Hands by Jasen Workman out of St. George, Ut

3. A collection of vintage tattoo shop photographs.


3. Vitruvian Man by Chris Toler, Danny’s Ancient Art, Blacksburg Va.

4.Just keep swimming – by Eric at Evolver Tattoo in Pittsburgh, PA

5. My first tattoo, a custom pauldron courtesy of Jake DeSade from Bushido Tattoo, Calgary AB Canada

6. Tattoo Rule #2 Broken: “Always remember that tattoos are forever!” Done by Chad Whitson at Bearcat Tattoo, San Diego, CA

7. Black and Gray Tattoo by Carl Grace Tattoos, Las Vegas

8. My sugar skull and my wedding dress. Joe Martin, Lancaster PA

9. My Reddit account-less friend’s Fear & Loathing tattoos by Jeremiah @ AtMusFear in Thomasville, NC

10. Iron Giant tattoo done by Darius at Good Vibes in Mount Vernon WA. The handwriting is my mom’s.

11. R2D2 Tattoo done by my sister Anne @ Ruby Tuesday Tattoos, PerthMy Reddit account-less friend’s Fear & Loathing tattoos by Jeremiah @ AtMusFear in Thomasville, NC

12.    Dali’s Elephant. Done by Jason Stewart at Robot Tattoo. Portland Oregon

13. Japanese chest piece and 3/4 sleeves – Manu Edwin at Jackson Street Tattoo; Petone, New Zealand

14. Dotwork Sleeve/2. Session (Done by Tobias Andersen “Tegi Acusti” Denmark”


15. Winner best tattoo 2013 at Copenhagen ink festival by Randy Engelhard (not mine)

16. My symbolic Family Tree done by Chris at Old Glory Tattoo, Asbury Park, NJ

17. Seagoat tat by Chris Allen, Alley Cats Tattoos, Baton Rouge, LA

18. Blueberries for Sal done by Greg Howell of Jack Brown’s in Fredericksburg, VA

19. My COD zombies leg piece fully healed. Done by Bryan Mozjesik @ Big Brain Omaha, NE

20. Star Wars half sleeve finished – by Phil Wilkinson @ One Day Gallery, Manchester, UK

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