20 Best Tattoos of the Week – Nov 28th to Dec 04th, 2013

20 Best Tattoos of the Week – Nov 28th to Dec 04th, 2013

I Know its been long time i have not given you good designs of week so Today you can check out the unique designs in the tattoo bucket. Check out the latest body tattoo of the week….

1. Finally got my first big colored piece of ink! (By Abby Lusk at Diversified Ink)

2. Watercolour fish tattoo by Marie Melou at Otautahi Tattoo, Auckland


3. Knight tattoo done by Augis (Denmark)

4. Portrait of my pit bull by Lew Hess at Atlas Tattoo in Portland, OR

5. my most recent tattoo done by Joe Frost, Oddfellows Tattoo Collective (Leeds, UK)

6. Valkyrie Tattoo done by Lara at East Side Ink in NYC, NY

7. This is my first tattoo! Done at Ink and Dagger Tattoo in Decatur, Ga.


8. My Star Wars yin yang done by Ryan Topp of Salty’s true tattoo in Pocatello ID

9. Bearing Assembly by Polly at Old Town Tatu, Chicago

10. Impossible Triangles/first tattoo. Done by Jaime at Foundry Ink, Mooloolaba QLD

11. Ghost town done by Gabe Tenneson of Transformation Tattoo in Springfield MO. This is the first of a whole bodies worth of western themed tattoos I have planned.


12. Mind VS Heart Tattoo by Dhalsim Kompi, Nicosia, Cyprus

13. Progress on my front piece (By Sneaky Mitch, Dock Street Leeds, UK)

14. Couple years old now. Misty Minor – Artistic Impressions. Welland, ONT. Sorry about the wrapping around the arm.

15. First tattoo, half sleeve done by Ben Dipietro, Atomic Tattoo, Austin Tx.


16. My friend just got this sick Ron Burgundy tattoo! Stay classy San Diego! Done by Mike Carro @ Undead Ink in Oceanside, Long Island

17. Most recent tattoo. Done by Beto at Leading Light, Bergen. Could not be happier with the result.

18. Blue crab by Zac Scheinbaum @ Saved Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY.

19. Mermaid sleeve progress, by Fredo @ Fredo Ink&Co, St Pete, FL

20. Converge’s “Jane Doe” with a quote. Done by Jay Hettlehut, Anchors End Tattoo, Duluth, MN

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