20 Coolest Hostels in Europe for the budget traveler

Hostels no longer terrible, cheap accommodation, where I want to get away as quickly as possible, and the stylish and trendy place of stay, and competing with each other in terms of creative design and free extra services.

Below is a list of the 20 accessible and interesting hostels throughout Europe, where you can stay while traveling.


1. Hostel Lavender Circus, Budapest, Hungary


2. This vintage made under the apartment hostel, located in a 19th century mansion in the heart of Budapest.

With a warm and cozy atmosphere with a touch of imperial bliss, this hostel – the perfect place for couples looking for romance and seclusion, but are not ready to spend much.


3. Prices: Double room from 14 euros per person per day;


4. Location: city center near the metro station Kálvin tér;


5. Services: Free Wi-Fi, reception – 24/7, free towels, bed linen and hair dryer, kitchen with free tea and coffee, as well as laundry;


6. Attractions: Located across from the Hungarian National Museum, a short walk – Budapest Castle Hill, Parliament, Andrassy Avenue and the beautiful Palace Gresham (Gresham Palace).


7. Hostel Prison (Prison Hostel), Karosta, Latvia


8. Once this building was a military prison, where no one has ever escaped. It was protected by more than US Alcatraz! They say that the building is often observed reductions, so very daring can wander at night on the territory.


9. Are you ready to spend the night in a real prison bunk or an iron bed, and enjoy a traditional meal of prison?


Price: 15 euros per person per night;

Location: Karosta (Naval Port) is located 5 km from the historical center of Liepaja, located in the central area;

Services: currently prison hospitality;

Attractions: Historical tour of the prison and the museum is included in the price of your stay, the palace officers, Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas; large fortress and naval port channel – the bulk of the military-industrial complex Karosta.


11. Grandma Grand Hostel, Odessa, Ukraine


12. This unusual style hostel welcomes you genuine warmth grandmother. All rooms are decorated in a rustic style with vintage chandeliers, floral wallpaper, with gilded ceilings, red patterned carpets Odessa aristocracy of the 18th century.


13. On a total area even has a fireplace!


14. Prices: 7 euros per day in the common room, € 11 for a private room;

Location: in the city center, close to all major attractions of Odessa, a 15-minute walk from Arcadia, where the best beaches and clubs of the city;

Services: air conditioning, 24-hour reception, laundry facilities, fully equipped kitchen with free tea and coffee, board games;

Attractions: Located next to a busy street Deribasovskaya (the main pedestrian street of the city) and a magnificent Odessa Opera House.

Interesting cheap hostels


15. Hostel Franz Ferdinand, Sarajevo, Bosnia


16. This one-of-a-kind boutique hostel was created and launched by a group of young artists and architects. He tells the story of the murder of its visitors the Austro-Hungarian Archduke that triggered the outbreak of the First World War.


17. Modern, intricately decorated rooms with large paintings undoubtedly impress you, and the price seems too low for such conditions!


18. Prices: from 9.90 euros per night for a place in the common room and from 15.90 Euro per person in a double room;


19. Location: downtown, street Jelića, a short walk from the main pedestrian street Ferhadija (Ferhadija).


20. Services: reception 24/7 access to a computer with free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and unlimited free coffee and tea making facilities, television, games, and great music in a common area;

Attractions within walking distance – the old part of the city, known Bascarsija (Baščaršija), and in the opposite direction – Cathedral.


21. Tree House Qadir (Kadir’s Tree House), Olympos, Turkey


22. When you were a child, you used to play in a tree house? Or you grew up in the city and were jealous of the village children who have had this?


23. You now have the opportunity to spend your vacation in a tree with stunning views of the Olympos National Park and the magnificent beach, where you will be after exit the ladder from the hostel.


24. Price: 12 euros per day in 6-bedded room, 22 euros per person in a double room;

Location: in the center of the wonderful village of Olympos;

Services: air conditioning, Wi-Fi, hot showers, laundry, parking, safe deposit boxes, a good bar and restaurant, to accept credit cards;

Attractions: National Park with the famous Mount Olympos Olympos, turquoise water and magnificent golden sandy beaches.

Interesting European hostels


25. Hostel Generator, Barcelona, ​​Spain


26. Bright, stylish and affordable hostel is the perfect place to stay in such a busy city like Barcelona.


27. Apparently, the design team has gathered in the room all the colors that exist. Add colorful lights everywhere, flooring tiles and decorative Hungarian huge terrace with the best views of the city. Here celebration never ends!


28. Prices: living room – from 11.40 euros per night for a double room in the privacy of pay 21.60 euros per person;


29. Location: In the heart of the fashionable district of Gracia, a 5-minute walk from the two main metro stations – Diagonal and Verdaguer;


30. Services: Free Wi-Fi, interesting events held almost every week, laundry, reception – 24/7;


31. Attractions: Gaudi’s incredible house in the same area, close to the stunning church of La Sagrada Familia, Pablo Picasso museum, street Las Ramblas.


32. Hostel St Briavels, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom


33. No, stay in this 800-year-old castle without destroying your budget. In fact, this is one of the most affordable places located in this beautiful English country. As usual, the castle is visited by ghosts, and you are sure to hear a story about how a child crying at night here.


34. Each room is full of character with stone walls and furniture from the Victorian era.


35. Price: 24 euros for a place in the common room, private apartments will cost 74 euros;

Location: downtown St. Briavelya, Lydney, Gloucestershire;

Services: credit cards are accepted for payment, a huge park, bike rental, library, free board games, equipped kitchen, restaurant and conference facilities;

Attractions: Explore the unique cave Clearwell, get lost in the woods Puzzlewood with numerous trails and rocks that inspired Tolkien oshalev located near by rope park, or Know the local history in the center of Dean Heritage.


36. Hostel Praakli Farm, Saaremaa, Estonia


37. This cute eco-farm located in the charming countryside of Saaremaa, is the ideal place to come together with mother nature and the countryside, organic food grown by the owners.


38. Animal lovers will be glad to hear that live here 180 sheep and lambs, as well as: goats, rabbits, chickens and cats. All you can play!


39. Prices: bed and breakfast – from 16 to 21 euros;

Location: Charles Parish, Saaremaa;

Services: children’s playground, swing, trampoline, sandpit, bike rental, volleyball, basketball, outdoor fireplace in the common area;

Attractions: magnificent lake Karuyar within walking distance where you can set up camp, swim and fish, 12 km to the Baltic Sea coast with a beautiful sandy beach, Michael’s Farm Museum – 10 km, Kuressaare Castle – 23 km, Kaali meteorite craters – 25 km, Vilsandi National Park (an ideal place for bird watchers) – 15 km.

Hostel in Paris


40. Hostel Oops, Paris, France


41. Incredibly luxurious boutique hostel is located at the beginning of the Latin Quarter – one of the most beautiful and such a touristy area of ​​Paris. The bright, spacious common rooms for 4 people and very friendly staff who are happy to tell you about the secret places where you would normally spend time Parisians.


42. Despite the fact that Paris is quite an expensive city to visit, you are even on a tight budget will be able to have a great time.


43. Prices: from 27 euros for a place in the common room and 70 euros for a double room facilities;


44. Location: at the beginning of the Latin Quarter, near 6 and 7 subway lines;

Services: reception – 24/7, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, free luggage storage;

Attractions within walking distance is Slavic University Sorbonne, the Pantheon and the Botanical Gardens, direct subway line to the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre neighborhood.


45. Hostel Dream, Tampere, Finland


46. ​​An excellent example of a simple but elegant design. In 2013, this hostel in Finland was named №1! Funky modern decor, warm reception staff and reasonable prices along with comfortable rooms and a convenient location makes this place so attractive.


47. Prices: from 19.80 euros per 16-bed Dormitory, private apartments – 62 euros;


48. Location: Located near the University of Tully, a 5-minute walk from the train station Tampere;


49. Services: Free Wi-Fi, bedding, luggage storage, private lockers, tea and coffee, and a wonderful atmosphere. You can also take any book in the library to read or borrow an umbrella on a rainy day;

Attractions: Pyynikki Park and Observation Tower, Tampere Cathedral, Lenin Museum and espionage.


50. Hostel Independente, Lisbon, Portugal


51. Perhaps, Lisbon is the best European city for the budget traveler and hostel Independente – this is the perfect place where you luxury service for modest money.


52. Located at the residence of the former Ambassador of Switzerland, this place was created by three brothers as a meeting place where travelers and locals can communicate with each other.


53. Design Hostel – a combination of modern elements with original architectural features, as well as interesting old objects. The hostel has 11 common rooms, 4 private suites and a rooftop terrace with amazing views of the city.


54. Prices: from 10.92 euros for a place in the common room, and 85 euros for a suite;


55. Location: on the border of two districts Principe Real and Bairro Alto, as well as a short walk from the railway station in Russia;


56. Services: reception – 24/7, luggage storage, free Wi-Fi, a large terrace, fax and photocopy;

Attractions: across the street is a wonderful place of San Pedro de Alcantara overlooking the Tagus River, the iconic castle of St. George. Near one of the city’s oldest lifts Ascensor da Glória, which connects the top of the slope on Liberty Avenue (Liberdade Avenue) to the historic district of Baixa (Baixa).

Best hostels


57. Hostel Plus, Florence, Italy


58. Do you want to get acquainted with the amazing side of Florence? Then you must visit hostel “Plus” with free outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, a wonderful terrace and a bar with epic holidays until late at night.


59. This is not a quiet place, on the other hand – this is a unique opportunity to meet a large number of people from around the world. The hostel offers stylish double and triple suites along with 4-, 6- and 8-bed shared rooms. The hostel is just 10 minutes away from the Cathedral.


60. Prices: from 24.96 euros for a place in the common room, 44.16 euros for a double room;

Location: 10 minutes walk from the train station, close to the city center;

Services: Free outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sauna and Turkish bath (in winter), free Wi-Fi, an internet café, free bed linen, parking, two bars and one restaurant;

Attractions: hostel is located a few blocks from the Cathedral, also near Piazzale Michelangelo, the Uffizi Gallery and Piazza della Signoria.


61. Hostel Kex, Reykjavik, Iceland


62. Once upon a time this place was a factory Frón, which is produced in Iceland favorite cookie Mjólkurkex. Today there is a great eco-hostel, where eclectic modern details mixed with vintage industrial vibrations.


63. Furniture here Secon-hand and is made of recycled wood, but you’d never know about it themselves. Designer hostel Halfdan Pedersen (Halfdan Pedersen) spent a week at auctions in Europe and the US, bringing “the house” true church benches and lamps Bauhaus from Pittsburgh.


64. This hostel quickly became a meeting place for locals and tourists alike, with its excellent bar serving tasty beer. There is also a hairdressing salon and a gym.


65. Prices: from 20.54 euros per bed in a dormitory room and from 42.79 euros for a double room facilities;

Location: in the center of Reykjavik, with sea views across the bay;

Services: 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi, bike rental, parking, free board games and books, lockers and luggage storage, bar, gym and hairdresser;

Attractions: unusual church Hallgrímskirkja is a few blocks away. Walk up to it on foot to admire the stunning panoramic views of colorful Reykjavik. Also worth a visit Grotta lighthouse and take a dip in the pool Mosfellsbaer.

Hostels of Europe


66. Hostel Greg & Tom Beer House, Krakow, Poland


67. Another great place for fans of partying! The owners of the hostel’s love theme parties in an integral part of it – the pub, which is open on the night. Since one of the staff said this phrase, it has become the talk of the yazyttsah: “Even the toilets are so good that you can sleep in them.”


68. Prices: from 14.42 EUR per night in the common room;


69. Location: 10 minutes from the main bus and railway station in the oldest part of Krakow – Stare Misto;

Services: 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi, a restaurant and bar, outdoor terrace, key card, etc .;

Attractions: if drinking adventures you’ve had enough, then just wander through the narrow streets of the old historic city center and stroll through the stunning Wawel Royal Castle (Wawel Royal Castle) and the nearby cathedral.

Hostel in Prague


70. Hostel MadHouse, Prague, Czech Republic


71. The most crazy hostel in Prague is considered the best hostels in the Czech Republic and ranks 6th in the list of the best small hostels in the world, according to Hostelworld.


72. How proud owners say MadHouse, this is not just a place where you can spend the night, this place is away from home, where you are treated like family.


73. All of the rooms – graffiti made by artists from Montreal, Canada, and Melbourne, Australia.


74. Prices: from 15.98 euros for a place in the common room;

Location: city center, near the metro station Národní třída, line B;

Services: Free Wi-Fi, a TV room, a large common area, luggage storage, hot showers, free bed linen, equipped kitchen with free tea and coffee, interesting events held on weekends;

Attractions within walking distance – Old Town Square, amazing astronomical clock, Charles Bridge and the historic district of Mala Strana.

Inexpensive hostel in St. Petersburg


75. Hostel Soul Kitchen, St. Petersburg, Russia


76. Soul Kitchen will meet you warm arms even in cold Russian winter, because this hostel, according to travelers, among the top three among the hostels in Eastern Europe.


77. The hostel is located in a 150 year old building in neo-Baroque style. There was filmed a few scenes from “The Master and Margarita.” Hostel owners managed to keep the original wood-burning stove of the 19th century, which still operates.


78. The hostel also has original wood and tile floors.


79. Prices: from 10.34 EUR per night in the common room and from 15.75 euros pay for privacy;


80. Location: city center, two minutes walk from the metro station Admiralty;

Services: luggage storage, free umbrellas for rent, kitchen with free tea and coffee at any time, board games, music room, guest computers and free Wi-Fi;

Attractions: 2 minutes walk to the opposite sides of the Kazan Cathedral and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Close to the Hermitage.


81. Hostel Van Gogh Hostel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


82. The modern hostel with excellent pricing for such an expensive city like Amsterdam. The hostel is located in the museum district, a few steps from the most interesting bars, cafes, shops and clubs.


83 spacious rooms with private bathrooms and amazing replicas of the works of Van Gogh to help you relax and get ready for a crazy walks through Venice of the North.


84. Prices: from 20 euros per bed in a dormitory room and from 36.38 Euro per person in a double room;

Location: in the museum quarter, with three world-famous museums right outside your threshold, and 10 minutes from Centraal Station by public transport;

Services: 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi, free sightseeing walking tour, laundry, late check-out, a large common area and equipped kitchen;

Attractions just a short walk from Leidseplein (Leidse square), the main street of fashionable PCHoofdstraat, stunning Vondelpark (Vondel Park).


85. Hostel Fair, Belgrade, Serbia


86. This stylish, multi-functional space with a hostel with a very convenient location is a unique place to stay budget travelers.


87. A large common area with colorful beanbags and comfy sofas, along with modern dormitory and wonderful staff – are just a few reasons why you should definitely visit here.


88. Prices: from € 8 per night in the family room for a double room – 16 euros;


89. Location: Center, three stops from the bus and train stations, or a 10-minute walk;

Services: 24-hour reception, free bed linen, luggage storage, extra blankets, access to public transportation;

Attractions: Located on the opposite bank of the Belgrade Fair, Ada Ciganlija (Ada Ciganlija) just 5 minutes by public transport (Belgrade beach oasis), a 10-minute drive from Knez Mihailova (beautiful, historic and shopping district), Skadarlija (bohemian quarter) and Kalemegdan (epic medieval fortress town).


90. Hostel The Red Boat Mälaren, Stockholm, Sweden


91. This hostel aboard two lovely boats that sway on the waves of Lake Mälaren in the heart of Stockholm. The rooms are not so large, but they are cozy and well organized with plenty of space for everyone.


92. Price: 30,87 euros per night in 4-Bed Dormitory, 34.80 euros for a double room;


93. Location: a short walk from the center of the Old Town, 10 minutes walk to the nearest metro station;


94. Services: reception 24/7, accepted credit cards, bicycle rental and parking, free Wi-Fi;

Attractions: Gamla Stan (Gamla Stan) – a beautiful old town, Vasa Museum, the Royal Palace.


95. Hostel Sky Backpackers, Dublin, Ireland


96. This hostel is located in a busy place where facing the world of music and travel. It is located in a former recording studio, where he recorded his hits The Cranberries, David Bowie, Def Leppard, Van Morrison and U2.


97. Prices: from 26 euros for a place in the common room and 42 euros for a double room;

Location: Centre of Dublin, near O’Connell Bridge;

Services: 24-hour reception, kitchen accessories, free Wi-Fi, board games and cable TV, cabinets and safes;

Attractions: Trinity College, Dublin Castle, cool pubs of Dublin, O’Connell Street.

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