20 Great Ideas To Decorate Cupcakes

20 Great Ideas To Decorate Cupcakes

In America Cupcake (or topped with mini-muffins) are popular from a long time, some even prefer to use them instead of wedding cake. We were also in the fashion for them which has come more recently. And no wonder – who refuse such tiny cake, almost no threat to the figure (in reasonable quantities, of course …), especially when it is so bright and beautiful! Cupcake recipe are quite a lot and they can be easily found on the Internet. We decided to pay attention to the design of these small exotic confectionery – almost limitless field for the imagination of creative housewives and bakers.
We hope that you are not very hungry, and will not run to the nearest bakery, until you finish the post till the end …

1. Rainbow Cupcake

 2. Cupcake “hydrangea”

 3. Christmas trees of strawberry


5. Cupcake-hearts

 6. Cupcake-cactus   7. snowflake

  8. Popcorn

9. Burger

  10.  11. Hot Chocolate

  12.   13. Lady Bug

  14. watermelon

  15. roses

  16. Penguins of baked Oreo

  17. “Super Mario”

  18. Dog

  19. Turkey

  20. Strawberry

  21. Ice cream cone

  22. shoots

  23. Monster



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