20 Largest Cities in The World with Panoramas of Incredible Beauty

Panorama of the city carries important information about its size, level of development and characteristics of architecture. In addition, it is characterized by an aesthetic function, because the beautiful city, especially its spectacular panorama. This article presents the 20 largest cities in the world with panoramas, stunning in its beauty.

1. Shanghai, China




Shanghai, with a population of about 24 million people – the most populous city in the world. A consequence of the construction boom of the last 20 years has been the construction of nearly 7,000 buildings higher than 11 floors. The tallest skyscraper in Shanghai – World Financial Center (101 floors).

2. New York, United States




Panorama of the cultural capital of the world New York can find almost everyone. Pearl delightful streetscape is 102-story Empire State Building, built in 1930 in the heart of Manhattan. He was the tallest building in the world until 1972, but recently the tallest skyscraper in New York became the new World Trade Center (104 floors).

3. London, UK




London Architecture encompasses a huge number of historical periods – from the classic landmarks such as Big Ben, Westminster Palace and Tower Bridge, to the more modern masterpieces, among which are the Ferris wheel “London Eye” skyscraper “Gherkin” architect Norman Foster, and “Splinter “Renzo Piano .The incredible view of the city allows us to trace the history of one of the Western superpowers.

4. Dubai, UAE


Dubai, UAE


The capital of the United Arab Emirates has long been associated with numerous incredible skyscrapers, whose huge silver spiers towering into the sky over the Persian Gulf. It was in this city is the largest number of skyscrapers in height not less than 250 m. The absolute crown architecture Dubai Burj Khalifa considered – the tallest building erected by man in the world. This is a skyscraper of 163 stories tall 584.6 m, and the tip of its spire reaches 829.7 m.

5. Vancouver, Canada




Thanks to an active and well-designed policy of urban planning, Vancouver is one of the most favorable cities to live in the world for over ten years. Line of skyscrapers strung out up – the result of high-rise buildings preferences Low-rise construction. The tallest building in Vancouver is a 62-story skyscraper Living Shangri-La – a multifunctional complex consisting of a hotel and apartments.

6. Hong Kong, China




Hong Kong panorama – one of the most impressive in the world. This city has a very high level of density high-rise buildings, which is why he even got the unofficial status of “most vertical city”. Hong Kong is the largest number of skyscrapers taller than 150 m. The building international trade center (118 floors) – the third in the list of the tallest buildings in the world.

7. Singapore




The city-state of Singapore, located on the islands in Southeast Asia, is the fourth largest financial center in the world. The largest complex in the historic center of the city. The tallest building Sigapura – 66-storey skyscraper Republic Plaza. However, the main symbol of the city, many believe the incredible complex of hotels and casinos Marina Bay Sands, designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie. Marina Bay Sands is the title of the most expensive building in the world ($ 5.7 billion).

8. San Francisco, United States




San Francisco – the second most densely populated city in the United States. The status of the most significant elements of the architecture of the city has a famous bridge “Golden Gate”. Vertical dominant among all the buildings stands 48-storey skyscraper with a distinctive spire Transamerica Pyramid. It should be noted that due to the high probability of occurrence of earthquakes in the city is dominated by low-rise houses.

9. Istanbul, Turkey




In one of the most beautiful cities in the world Istanbul perfectly combines the masterpieces of old and modern architecture, ancient mosques and trendy today, entertainment complexes and business centers.The main symbol of the city, you can safely assume that the world famous monument of Byzantine architecture Hagia Sophia, who survived along with the country a lot of political turmoil and military coups.

10. Shenzhen, China




11. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




The architecture of Kuala Lumpur is influenced by a variety of styles – from Asian and Malay traditions to modern design techniques. The main highlight of the city – a unique 88-storey skyscraper Petronas made in the Islamic style and consists of two twin towers. In the construction of this giant took part the prime minister of Malaysia.

12. Seattle, USA



Seattle, USA

In the capital of the state of Washington is the most famous in the United States observation deck – 184-meter tower “Space Needle”. The biggest area of ​​the building is considered to be headquartered in Seattle Starbucks. Very popular with locals and visitors are stretched everywhere parks.

13. Paris, France




Of course, our list would be complete without the French capital, attract visitors from all over the world his romantic spirit and incredible architecture. The main tourist attraction center Eiffel Tower overlooking the city at an altitude of 324 m, its beauty pleases passers for the past 125 years. Among the countless places for recreation, many people are fortunate enough to be in the French capital, the largest prefer La Villette area of ​​55 hectares.

14. Panama City, Panama




In Panama City you can find many high-rise buildings in the Spanish colonial style townhouse in style Antilles period of French rule, which speaks about the architectural diversity of the city. However, the architecture of the city is changing at an incredible pace – already under construction in the city of more than 100 high-rise buildings. Built to date have provided 127 skyscrapers Panama City 45 place in the list of cities with the highest number of high-rise buildings.

15. Philadelphia, USA




In Philadelphia, preserved amazing and the most significant examples of old architecture USA. The most important objects of American heritage in the first place should include Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the US Constitution. For a long time in Philadelphia existed a law prohibiting construction of a facility exceeding the height of 9-storey building of City Hall. Thus, in Philadelphia was not built a single skyscraper until 1987, when the decision was reversed, and the city was first built skyscraper One Liberty Place (61 floor).

16. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



The most popular city in Brazil, sunny Rio de Janeiro, located on the bay of the Atlantic Ocean. The whole territory of the city, full of famous beaches, is under control of the International Fund UNESCO. His popularity Brazilian city owes the world-famous statue of Christ the Redeemer. The tallest building in Rio – a 48-storey complex RioSul.

17. Beijing, China



China's Spring Festival

In the XII century, Beijing has the status of capital of China. During this time, the city has built a huge number of architectural objects. Among the outstanding examples of ancient architecture is to provide the most extensive palace complex in the world “Forgotten City” and temple-monastery complex “Temple of Heaven”, located in the central part of the city. However, the architecture of Beijing does not stand still, and the capital itself turns into a super-modern metropolis. Highest complex in Beijing – a giant 74-story China World Trade Center Tower III. Today, the city’s appearance form the most elite architects, including Rem Koolhaas famous Dutchman. It was his idea to his incredible complex geometry headquarters of Chinese television CCTV.

18. Busan, South Korea




With a population of 3.6 million people Busan is the second largest area in South Korea. Also, the South Korean city – the fifth busiest port in the world. Important to the economy of South Korea city is actively developed and built up, in support of which it is worth mentioning the construction of multi-functional economic center Lotte Town Tower height of 510 meters. At the time of commissioning of the tower will occupy 10 line in the list of tallest buildings in the world.

19. Toronto, Canada




Toronto – the largest economic and cultural center of Canada. In the language of the indigenous population of the Huron word “Toronto” means “meeting place”. In one of the most comfortable cities in the world is about 1,800 buildings higher than 30 m. The tallest building in Toronto, the 72-story skyscraper First Canadian Place, was built in 1976.

20. Taipei, Taiwan

台北101, 台灣台北 (Taipei 101 and skyline, Taipei, Taiwan)



The architecture of the capital of Taiwan form extraordinary beauty of the objects. Especially proud of this amazing city is considered, until recently, the tallest building in the world – Taipei 101 Tower Its height is 101 floors (509.2 m, with a spire). This building is made ​​of glass, steel and aluminum support concrete pillars, each of which goes deep into the earth. The danger of collapse when a hurricane or earthquake reduces a huge ball pendulum, placed on top of the tower.

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