20 Photos of the Most Exciting Adventures of the Year 2014

The world is much more interesting, brighter and more varied than it seems when you look out the window or monitor. Fortunately for us, there are a number of photographers taking pictures crazy beauty. These 20 photos will make you forget about regular life and tune in to the great achievements.

All photos – exhibitors «The Best Adventure Photography: Exposure 2014″ (“best adventure photo – 2014”), whose purpose – to show that the person afford to compete with nature and go beyond their limits.


1. Frozen couple from Anchorage, Alaska, USA. (Photo by Nathaniel Wilder)



2. The fisherman wades deep into Jenny Grossenbaher Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, USA. (Photo: Andy Anderson)


3. Beysdzhamper Kevin Chirico jumping from the top of Mount Lukin Voice in Utah, USA. (Photo by Scott Rogers)


4. Klaus Thiemann in one of the tunnels during the filming of a documentary about the glaciers of the Arctic zone. (Photo: Klaus Tiemann)


5. Photographer John Irwin floated down the river in a canoe Seymour in British Columbia, Canada. (Photo: Jordan Manley)


6. Yosemite National Park, California, USA. (Photo: Michael Hodges)


7. Brendan Feyrklu jumps over the ten-canyon in the championship on Mountain bike Red Bull Rampage in Utah, USA. (Photo: Paris Gore)


8. Two people making their way through the corridor of the cypress trees at sunrise on Lake Caddo near the borders of Texas and Louisiana, USA. (Photo: Michael Hanson)


9. Tom Folks photographed his father Bob before installing the Spiral Jetty, erected in 1970 by Robert Smithson, USA. (Photo: Tom Foulkes)


10. Belgian caver Nicholas Borsche in the aisle Dzhiandzhou, China. (Photo: Jeremy Koreski)


11. Canadian baydarochnitsa Katrina van Wijk is fused with a 25-meter waterfall on the River North Toketa Umpkua in Oregon, USA. (Photo: Charlie Munzi)


12. The parachutist jumping from a cliff in western Colorado, USA. (Photo: Crystal Wright)


13. Theo Allofs takes pictures with his paraglider noticed strange circles in Namibia. (Photo by Theo Allofs)


14. Surfer Ian Stokes wins icy wave in Missoula, Montana, USA. (Photo: Paolo Marchesi)


15. Casey Krueger passes on the edge of the shelf in the town of Duluth, Minnesota, USA.(Photo: Hansi Johnson)


16. Rope Ben Plotkin-Swing balancing on a rope length of 55 meters, stretched between two vertices in Washington Gorge National Park “North Cascades”, USA. (Photo: Crystal Wright)


17. Skier James Heim explores mountain Ipsut far from Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.(Photo: Blake Yorgerson)


18. Sheep interested tourist tent, the Amur River, Mongolia. (Photo: Crystal Wright)


19. Windsurfer Kai Lenny on the northern coast of Maui, Hawaii, USA. (Photo: Frank Bertoua)


 20. Tim Emment Climber at the final stage of climbing the waterfall Helmskem in British Columbia, Canada. (Photo: Victor Skupinski)

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