20 Simple but Effective Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Most likely you’ve marveled at home wisdom and skill of your mothers and grandmothers about all that is within the kitchen. This is because they have told us that a raw egg from a boiled can be distinguished simply by twisting them on the table, or coffee from the Turks did not run away, if you put it in a bucket of water.



All these artful skills of handling food and drinks come with experience, and today we want to give you a bit of theory, which is certainly worth a test in practice. How to keep the bubbles in champagne and protect the cheese from drying out? How to make a cake yesterday again crumbly and not give bananas turn black? These and other subtleties of storage and preparation of food, which will save you time and money – in our selection of 20 kitchen tricks.

– 1 –

Discover the freshness of eggs


If you are not sure that the eggs in your refrigerator fresh, just dip them in a glass of water. Fresh egg sinks, old – pops up.

– 2 –

Extend the freshness of the vegetables


At the bottom of the box for vegetables in the refrigerator, lay paper towels. They absorb excess moisture and prevent the rapid decay thus vegetables.

– 3 –

Save the bubbles in champagne


It is not necessary to pour sparkling wine that ran out of steam. Just throw it in one or two highlights – natural sugar can work miracles.

– 4 –

Do not put the lemons


If you need only a few drops of lemon juice, cut a lemon in half – so it dries quickly. Instead, pierce the fruit metal skewer and you will get the desired liquid in the desired volume.

– 5 –

Keep fresh herbs


To stay fresh herbs to a month, pack bundles in plastic bags and place in freezer. They are easy to reach when you need them, and they are unfrozen minute after contact with a hot frying pan.

– 6 –

Eliminate insects


Bay leaf, placed in a container of flour, pasta or rice – a guarantee that there will not insects.

– 7 –

Deliver mushrooms mucus


Mushrooms can easily get rid of mucus if wrap them in paper towels before being put in the refrigerator.

– 8 –

Avoid stale muffins


To update yesterday muffins, sprinkle them with water, place in a paper bag and put in the oven for 10 seconds. Created by water vapor quickly restore their softness.

– 9 –

Prevent dry cheese


Prevent drying of the cheese can be smeared butter or margarine on the trimmed surface, it will keep the moisture inside. This method is most effective in the case of solid cheese with a wax rind.

– 10 –

Keep crispy vegetables


When radishes, celery or carrots cease crunch, dip them in a container of ice water with a piece of raw potato and watch vegetables svezheyut right before your eyes.

– 11 –

Do not let the liver to harden


Put crunchy cookies and something that requires a long chewing, in different containers, because otherwise the moisture from the second to make the first not so crispy.

– 12 –

Do not let the bananas turn dark


Keep your banana from a bunch of long until they decided to eat them – individually they deteriorate much faster.

– 13 –

Save crumbly salt


Some rice in your salt shaker prevent salt from solidifying. Fig collects condensate which because lumps appear.

– 14 –

Keep fragrance oils


Do not hesitate to stock up on oil, when it goes sale, because you can store it in the refrigerator for up to six months. Just put the oil in a sealed container, and it will not absorb the smell of all that you have stored in the refrigerator.

– 15 –

Protect the dairy products from the appearance of bacteria


To sour cream stored longer, containers or jars in which they are stored in the refrigerator upside down. This will create a vacuum that will prevent bacteria because of that moldy food.

– 16 –

Clean honey


In fact, honey – the only kind of food that does not spoil, so do not allow it to candy or become cloudy.Heat in a microwave at its average power for 30 seconds, it will again be clear.

– 17 –

Keep moisture in pasta


To cooked pasta is not turned into one big lump, put them in a sealed plastic bag and place in the refrigerator. When they will be going to warm up, just put a few seconds in boiling water.

– 18 –

Save your cheese


Cheese can be frozen. After the meal, add the cheese leftovers back in the pack, close the well and place in the freezer. The day before decide to eat it again, to shift the cheese in the refrigerator. Best of all, this trick works with soft cheeses are high in fat.

– 19 –

Use yogurt instead of cream


When emergency cream yoghurt can be replaced in those dishes which do not require cooking, because yogurt can solidify during cooking. So it is better to use in this case, whole milk, or even yogurt mix them with 50 to 50.

– 20 –

Correct salted soup


There is nothing more frustrating than salted soup, cooking is gone hours. Try adding slices of raw potato or apple that they absorb the excess salt and leave them to cook on low heat for 10 minutes, then remove. If the soup is still too salty, add a spoonful of sugar. If the sugar does not help, you can splash a little bit of apple cider vinegar. The last thing that you can try if all else fails – to dilute the soup salted water or broth.

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