20 WTF Moments of February 24, 2015

This person’s iris started growing into the lens of the eye.

Iris growing into the lens of the eye

Received this as change. Probably shouldn’t be in circulation?

5 Dollars Evidence Stamp

Guy brought his own TV to watch movies at McDonalds

Watch movies at McDonalds

Man turns blue after self-medicating “Colloidal Silver”

Man turns blue from Colloidal Silver

My brother-in-law uses his bathtub corner and bathroom floor as a spittoon. His five year old daughter’s body wash is right next to the spit mix.

Bathroom Floor Spittoon

Zombie apocalypse off-road scion TC

Zombie Apocalypse Car

Someone had a lucky day

Unexploded Mortar Next to Petrol Tank

Raccoon picnic

Raccoon Picnic

PT Cruiser looking bad ass

Raised PT Cruiser

I’ll see your PT Cruiser and raise you a Scion XB

Raised Scion XB

I’ll see your Scion and raise you a Mercedes

Raised Mercedes Monster Truck

All these raised cars are great, I prefer the vintage look.

Hummer with Wagon Wheels

Just finished my monster boat truck

Monster Boat Truck

Thought this was a new tub of sour cream, but it was already opened. And a year expired.

Disgusting Sour Cream Tub

Luckily I was paying attention when I walked outside

Dangerous Icicle

OK.. where’s the breaks

Man Powered Car

Driving in traffic, minding my own business, when I notice..

Lion Cub in a Car

Tunnel found near Pan Am Games venue, Toronto

Tunnel Am Games Venue, Toronto

This museum has a room dedicated to pictures and statues of animals mating.

Mating Exhibition Museum

Florida gallery reveals plans for bizarre lifelike Bill Cosby nude sculpture by 15-year-old California teen Rodman Edwards.

Bill Cosby nude sculpture

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